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Diary of auditions in the near future for performance opportunities in Edinburgh.

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Sister Act

Production company: Forth Children’s Theatre.
Genre: Musical Theatre.
Status: Youth (age 10 – 18 at production week).
Audition date: Sunday 22 April from 10am – 6pm.
Venue: Inverleith Rugby Club, 19 Arboretum Road, EH3 5PN
Run dates: Friday 3 – Saturday 11 August 2018.
Blurb: “Based on the 1992 hit film, but with all new music by Alan Menken, the story follows showgirl Deloris Van Cartier, who is put in protective custody in a convent. Disguised as a nun, Deloris clashes with both the highly-strung Mother Superior and the newfound holy lifestyle imposed upon her until she finds her calling.”
Cast required: Nine F, Six M named roles – plus ensemble.
Event facebook page: FCT Fringe Auditions..
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Like Drowning

Production company: Theatre Paradok .
Genre: Theatre
Status: Amateur
Audition dates:  Wed 25 – Fri 27 April
Venue:  To be announced
Run dates: Mon 20 – Sat 25 August 2018
Blurb: ” E and V are women, or so they think. But what is a woman anyway? Using Artificial Intelligence to create the characters, Like Drowning explores identity, abuse, and power dynamics in contemporary society. “
Cast required: Six to eight M/F roles. Not specified.
Facebook Event Page:
Facebook page:
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The Mould The Changed the World

Production company: Charades Musicals .
Status: Amateur Chorus
Audition dates:  May 12/13 2018
Venue: Quincentenary Building, Surgeon’s Hall, Nicolson Street, EH8 9DW
Run dates: August 3 – 25 (Each chorus member will take part in 6 to 9 performances)
Blurb: ” Alexander Fleming’s death-defying worldly-wonder antibiotic drugs have saved us for the last 90 years. But bacterial resistance is growing and doomsday approaches. A United Nations conference is held to confront the very real public health threat of a developing, worldwide resistance to antibiotics.
“A flashback takes us back 90 years to the discovery of the wonder drug, Penicillin, which changed the world. But nobody has heeded Fleming’s message of caution. The world has devoured this miracle cure – but it has gone too far. Bacteria are fighting back…”
Cast required: Singers: SATB.
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Æ news story with further details: EdFringe Casting Call

Mouse Music & Anthems

Production company: Edinburgh Music Theatre .
Status: Amateur (18 and over)
Audition dates:  Sat 12 & Mon 14 May
Venue:  Barclay Viewforth Church, 1 Wright’s Houses, EH10 4HN.
Run dates: Wed 8 – Sat 11 Aug 2018
Blurb: ” This year’s EMT EdFringe showcase performances will be Mouse Music, a musical showcase from the Disney TV series House of Mouse, and Anthems – From West End to Broadway, which will be a selection of musical favourites. “
Cast required: Singers who can dance – SATB
Audition Pack:
Facebook page:  @edinburghmusictheatre/
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