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February 2019

Tensile Strength (or How to Survive at Your Wit’s End)
Wed 20 – Sat 23 February 2019
Evenings: 7.30pm (downstairs)
A performance about Stress – and figuring out why so many of us feel it to an unhealthy degree. It’s about fear, pressure, uncertainty. It’s about sadness and mental health and how we help ourselves. It’s about feeling like things are all A Bit Too Much and then the cat goes missing. Written and performed by Holly Gallagher and directed by Daniel Bye. Book here.

Jock Tamson’s Bairns
Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 February 2019
Evenings: 8pm (Central)
Part drag, part cabaret and part theatre, Jock Tamson’s Bairns is an immersive show where the audience is transported to an after hours gay bar and invited to speak their mind. No topic is taboo, but a respect for your fellow humans is compulsory.. Book here.

Joan Clevill Dance: The North
Thurs 28 February 2019
Evenings: 7.30pm
After their acclaimed debut Plan B for Utopia, Joan Clevillé Dance returns with this bleak yet whimsical story of John, a young man who finds himself lost in the harsh yet delicate wilderness of the North with only himself and two eccentric Northerners for company. Features cinematic visual and sound design with original music by Luke Sutherland and an eclectic soundtrack from Wagner to Frank Sinatra.. Book here.

March 2019

Tuesday 5 – Saturday 9 March 2019
Evenings: 8pm (Snug Bar)
Tragic Carpet’s radical new work, based on detailed research by the Rendition Project, tells of one man’s nightmare experience as the first suspect to be taken into the CIA’s detention programme. First performed at Hidden Door Festival in May 2017 and then at Manipulate Snapshots at the Traverse in February 2018, Rendition has been developed into a full-length work that aims to visualise the research findings using an innovative mix of puppetry, soundscapes and visual theatre. Book here.

Approaching Empty
Thursday 7 – Saturday 9 March 2019
Evenings: 7.30pm (Central)
In a scruffy minicab office, Mansha decides it’s time to create his own destiny and offers to buy the business from his lifelong friend Raf. As the realities of the state of the company slowly unravel, these two best friends must confront the difficulties of going into business with those closest to them. By Ishy Din and directed by Pooja Ghai. Book here.

Eugene Onegin
Tuesday 12 – Friday 15 March 2019
Tue, Thurs, Fri Evenings: 7.30pm. (Central)
Robert Hersey directs the Edinburgh Studio Opera in Tchaikovsky’s adaptation of Pushkin’s novel about a selfish man who lives to regret his rejection of a young woman’s love – and careless incitement of a fatal duel with his best friend. Further details.

InVisible Lines
Wednesday 13 Saturday 16 march 2019
Evenings: 7.30pm (Downstairs)
An intimate and daring odyssey, conceived, written and performed by Kath Burlinson, that uses the human body as a canvas to explore ageing, loss, life-cycles, seasonality, death and defiance. Book here.

IN PROCESS: Good Sex After Bad Sex
Monday 18/Tuesday 19 March 2019
Evenings: 7pm (Downstairs).
That’s What She Said Theatre Company presents Good Sex After Bad Sex: a part autobiographical, part verbatim play exploring women’s journeys as they navigate from sexual violence to sexual pleasure.. Book here.

Leyla Josephine: Daddy Drag
Wednesday 27 – Saturday 30 March 2019
Evenings: 7.30pm (Downstairs).
This is a show about dads. Good dads, daft dads, dads who wear slogan t-shirts, dads that put on barbecues, dads that tell dads jokes, dads that are bad at dancing. This is a show about dads who are absent and dads who are not very good dads at all. Daddy Drag asks us to consider how the relationships with our fathers affect us for the rest of our lives. What are the imprints they leave behind? Book here.

Paul Mayhew-Archer: Incurable Optimist
Wednesday 27 March 2019
Evenings: 7.45pm (Central).
The debut stand-up hour from the multi award-winning co-writer of The Vicar of Dibley. Book here.

April 2019

Wednesday 3 – Saturday 6 April 2019
Evenings: 7.30pm (Downstairs).
A modern-day folktale of war, migration and homecoming, Kith tells the story of Dani, Glasgow-born son of a migrant mother who has kept her past completely hidden from him. When she dies with her story untold, he sets out on an odyssey to discover the ‘truth’ of who she was and who he is.. Book here.

Wednesday 3 April 2019
Evenings: 7.45pm (Upstairs)
Glasgow’s acclaimed Company of Wolves re-imagines the myth of Achilles in a heart-stopping solo performance by Ewan Downie. Book here.

Sunday 7/Monday 8 April 2019
Evenings: 7.30pm (Downstairs).
Taking as its focal point the 2014 bin lorry crash in George Square, Claire McCracken’s new play, delves into the lives of three women in Glasgow over the course of two days: Before and After. It explores how people are both brought together and pulled apart in times of crisis, and asks whether it’s possible to change ourselves, or if we are only ever changed by the things that happen to us. Previewed at the Traverse Theatre last year as part of Wildfire Theatre’s Project #1. Book here.

Hand to God
Tuesday 9 – Saturday 13 April 2019 2019
Tue – Thurs, Sat: 7.30pm.
EGTG with Robert Askins’ very adult comedy that explores the startling fragile nature of faith, morality, and familial ties that bind. Mild-mannered, shy Jason has sought solace in his mother’s Christian puppet ministry after the death of his father. In the basement of a conservative church in Cypress, Texas, Jason discovers a blossoming talent for puppetry and thinks that things might just turn out okay.
Further details.

What I Know (About What My Grandfather Didn’t Know)
Thursday 18 – Saturday 20 April 2019
Evenings: 7pm (Downstairs).
Based on the true story of Sònia’s Great Grandfather. Breaking the silence established three generations ago, Sònia dives into a sea of old photographs, interviews, memories, fantasies, expectations, frustration and answers that awake more questions, to ultimately celebrate lost youth and the path towards finding our own identity while pursued by the ghost of family expectations. Book here.

The Wake-Up Call
Thursday 25 April 2019
Evenings: 7pm
Colin McGuire’s serious, urgent, and sharply funny theatre piece centred round the process of sleep. It embraces the restorative properties of a good night’s sleep, whilst acknowledging the increasingly unstable, insomniac qualities of a world that can’t seem to find any lasting peace. Book here.

The Guitar Man
Tuesday 14 – Saturday 18 May 2019
Evenings: 7.30pm
A man makes his living singing the same songs day after day on the edge of town. He plays to an audience that is always on the move, always passing him by. People call him ‘The Guitar Man’. In a world made up of winners and losers, The Guitar Man asks what is left when we reject the role we are expected to play? Written in 1997, Norwegian writer Jon Fosse speaks to a post-industrial society in crisis, where rootlessness and homelessness are the common experience. Book here.