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Assembly Roxy
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU. Phone booking: 0131 623 3030

Assembly Roxy

Sunday 16 & Tuesday 18 Sept 2018
Twice daily: 11am & 2.30pm.
Eilidh has never left her island. Every day is the same. Same chores, same people, same conversations. She stands on the cliffs and dreams of the Bigland over the sea. Then one day a boy from faraway is washed up on the shore – and with him, events that will change her life forever. Boldly exploring themes of war, migration and identity, Islander is for everyone 8 years and older.

McLuckies Line
Saturday 29 September 2018
Evening: 7.30pm.
Unemployed actor and compulsive gambler Lawrence McLuckie waits nervously in a claustrophobic corridor of a Glasgow hospital. He’s expecting the phone call he’s been waiting for his whole life – what could go wrong? Place your bets!


Tour de Ned
Sunday 21 October 2018
Evening: 7.30
ITV’s cycling commentator Ned Boulting returns with an all-new production, built with wobbly precision on the edifice of the greatest bike race on earth.

Deid Kist Dolls 
Tuesday 30/Wednesday 31 October 2018 
Evening: 7.30pm. 
Edinburgh Acting School with a new play by Jen McGregor (Heaven Burns). The DollMaker is the only thing standing between Edinburgh and an army of unquiet souls. One by one she catches them, binds them into dolls and contains them. But tonight it’s Halloween, and the dolls have broken loose!


Friday 2 November 2018
Evening: 7.30pm.
Timberlina, the world’s premier eco-warrior bearded drag queen presents FFS!! a hilarious alt-drag, rock n roll eco-show about giving a sh*t.

Into The Woods
Thursday 8 – Sunday 11 November 2018
Evenings: 6.30pm.
Le Petit Verre with James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim’s take on everyone’s favourite storybook characters, which they bring together for a timeless yet relevant piece and a rare modern classic.

Page 2 Stage
Tuesday 13 November 2018
Evenings: 6.30pm.
An exciting addition to Edinburgh’s new writing scene. Showcasing extracts from four brand new plays read in front of a live audience, with a chance to carry on discussions, meet the team, writers and actors in the comfort of the Roxy Snug Bar.

All About My Mother
Wednesday 21 – Saturday 24 November 2018
Evenings: 7.30pm.
Following the death of her son Esteban in a tragic accident, Manuela, a nurse, leaves Madrid for Barcelona in search of his father, who never knew he even had a son. The Grads bring Samuel Adamson’s Adaptation of the Pedro Almodóvar movie to Scotland.

Thursday 22 – Saturday 24 November 2018
Evening: 7.30pm
An intimate portrait of a woman fragmented. Distorted by expectation, by obligation, by desire. A hall of mirrors. Under it all, who is she? A solo performance in song, movement and text, part theatre show, part music gig, from Company of Wolves.

Sunday 25 – Thursday 29 November 2018
Afternoon: 2.30pm
An interactive, immersive performance for 2-6s from Tortoise in a Nutshell & Freshly Squeezed Productions that takes its audience on a multi-sensory journey through a world of winter snow. A rich palette of materials, puppetry and music combine to create a tactile and multi-sensory show for small hands, eyes, ears and noses.


Wednesday 5 – Saturday 8 December 2018
Evenings: 7pm.
Theatre Paradok take on Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist classic. An unassuming town faces a surprising threat: siege by rhinoceroses. Bit by bit the population begins to change, and the danger turns beastly as people and opinions transform.

Bugle Boys – Christmas Crackers
Tuesday 11 – Sunday 30 December 2018
Tue – Sat: 8pm; Sun: 5pm. Matinees: Weds 12 & 19, Sats & Fri 28: 2pm; Suns: 5pm.
Frocked up to the nines in faux military costumes, these three queens of Minnesota will dance their shapely legs off and sing (not lip-synch) the songs of The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Wham, Kylie, Mariah and a whole lot more in this comedy/cabaret holiday hoot… With Ewan James Armstrong, Martin MacLennan and Tom Harlow.