Lyceum listings

The 2019/20 season at Edinburgh’s leading production house:

Lyceum Theatre
Grindlay Street EH3 9AX. Phone booking: 0131 248 4848

The Lyceum. Pic: Eamonn McGoldrick


Mrs Puntila and her man Matti
By Bertolt Brecht, adapted by Denise Mina
Directed by Murat Daltaban
February 28 – March 21 2020
Previews: Fri 28/Sat 29 Feb & Mon 2 Mar.
Tue – Sat: 7.30pm; Matinees Weds, Sat: 2pm.
Brecht’s classic master and servant comedy is given a gender-switched adaptation by award-winning novelist and playwright Denise Mina. When sober, landowner Mrs Puntila is a ruthless and avaricious capitalist overlord, but the minute drink is taken she becomes a kind and generous benefactor. Her shrewd chauffeur Matti divides his time between extricating her from drunken mishaps and wooing her wayward daughter Eva – a match which will only be possible if Mrs Puntila can get over the class divide. Book here.
LYT Curtain Raiser: Mrs Puntila and her man Matti
Friday 13 March. 5.30pm.
The Lyceum Youth Theatre with a short performance, created in response to Mrs Puntila and her man Matti. Free. Phone 0131 248 4848 to book.
Talkshow Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti: We Need To Talk About Capitalism
Monday 16 March, 7pm
David Greig is joined by writer and professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics, David Graeber; writer and Advocacy and Influencing Lead at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, Dr Katherine Trebeck and from Better than Zero, Tam Wilson, to share their responses to the themes of the play. With music from singer/song-writer duet, Delightful Squalor. Book here.

Athletico Mince
Monday 9 March 2020
Two perfs: 6.30pm & 8.30pm.
Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson are bringing their podcast to the stage again, for the first time since 2017. Expect to hear from your favourite characters while witnessing Bob and Andy’s supreme levels of stagecraft in this brand new scripted show. (14+ age recommendation) Book here.

Playing with Tales
Sunday 15 March 2020
Matinee only: 3pm.
Two classic Chinese texts are given a modern, Scottish slant. Two exciting creative teams take a week to explore and respond to English translations of the Spring Lantern Riddles, a dark, dramatic and romantic tale about mistaken identities, and The Male Queen, culminating in lively scratch performances of their works-in-progress. Book here.

Wind Resistance
By Karine Polwart
Directed by Wils Wilson
Wed 25 – Sat 28 March 2020
Wed – Sat: 7.30pm; Matinees Weds & Sat: 2pm.
Every autumn, two and a half thousand pink-footed geese fly from Greenland to winter at Fala Flow, a protected peatbog south-east of Edinburgh. From this windy plateau, writer and singer Karine Polwart surveys the surrounding landscape through history, song, birdlore and personal memoir. Æ review of 2016 production: ★★★★★ A rare beauty. Book here.

Barefoot in the Park
By Neil Simon
Directed by Elizabeth Newman
Fri 3 – Sat 25 April 2020
Preview Fri 3: 7.30pm.
Tue – Sat: 7.30pm; Mats Weds, Sat: 2pm.
Springtime in New York City. Fresh from a blissful, six-night honeymoon stay at The Plaza, newlyweds Paul and Corie move into their top floor Manhattan apartment. Paul’s a straitlaced, ambitious attorney focused on climbing the corporate ladder; Corie’s a passionate, free spirit, always looking on the bright side of life. Book here.
Talkshow Barefoot in the Park: The Future of Love
Monday 6 April, 7pm
David Greig and guests (tbc) share their response to the themes of the play. Book here.
LYT Curtain Raiser: Barefoot in the Park
Friday 24 April. 5.30pm.
The Lyceum Youth Theatre with a short performance, created in response to Barefoot in the Park. Free. Phone 0131 248 4848 to book.

Castle Lennox
By Linda McLean
Directed by Maria Oller
Fri 1 – Sat 2 May 2020
Fri/Sat 7.30pm; Sat mat: 2pm.
When Annis, a young girl with autism, finds herself incarcerated in Lennox Castle Hospital, an institution which might as well be a prison, designed for the incarceration of ‘the feeble minded’, her first impulse is to try and escape the brutal regime of punishment and medication. This inspiring tale, based on a real institution, is brought to the stage in collaboration with Lung Ha Theatre Company. Book here.

Life is a Dream
By Pedro Calderon, translated by Jo Clifford
Directed by Wils Wilson
Fri 15 May – Sat 6 June 2020
Previews: Fri 15/Sat 16 & Mon 18 May.
Tue – Sat: 7.30pm; Matinees Weds, Sat: 2pm.
Following a prophecy that he is destined to become a tyrant, Prince Sigismund is imprisoned by his own father. Released for a day as an experiment, he proves the omens only too right and, as a result, is incarcerated once more and convinced by his jailors that his day of freedom was all just a dream. Book here.
LYT Curtain Raiser: Life is a Dream
Friday 29 May. 5.30pm.
The Lyceum Youth Theatre with a short performance, created in response to Life is a Dream. Free. Phone 0131 248 4848 to book.
Talkshow Life is a Dream: Dreams, Nightmares and How They Shape Us
Monday 1 June, 7pm.
David Greig and guests (tbc) share their response to the themes of the play. Book here.

Adam Buxton Rambles…
Sunday 31 May 2020
Evening: 7.30pm
Comedian and podcast host Adam Buxton talks about and reads from his upcoming new book which incorporates rambles on topics including parenthood, formative cultural influences of the 80s, confrontations on trains, wet dreams, boarding school trauma, The Adam & Joe Show, dead Dads and David Bowie… Book here.

The Big Data Show
By Clare Duffy and Rupert Goodwins
Tue 23 June 2020
Evening: 7pm.
Part live theatre, part gaming experience, The Big Data Show uses ingenious digital magic to help us question just how cyber savvy we really are. And what ARE we actually agreeing to every time we plug in our personal details online? Book here.

The Snow Queen
Adapted from the story by Hans Christian Andersen
November 25 2020 to January 3 2021
Evenings 7pm: Fri 27/Sat 28 Nov; Thu 3 – Sat 5, Wed 9 – Sat 12, Tue 15 – Sat 19, Tue 22/Wed 23, Sat 26, Mon 28 – Wed 30 Dec; Sat 2 Jan.
Saturday matinees: 2pm.
Sunday mats & evenings: 1pm & 6pm: Sun 6 Dec – Sun 3 Jan.
When the beautiful and fearsome Snow Queen steals Kay away and takes him to her frozen kingdom, she leaves behind his sister, the brave and brilliant Gerda, who will stop at nothing to rescue her sibling. But before she can do so, the Snow Queen lodges a sliver of her magical ice into the boy’s eye and heart, turning the once loving and gentle Kay cold and mean. Can Gerda, with the help of friends she meets along the way, track her brother through the magical, wintery world of the Snow Queen and melt his frozen heart before it’s too late? Book here.