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Festival Theatre
13/29 Nicolson Street EH8 9FT. Phone booking: 0131 529 6000
Friday 21 July – Thursday 3 July 2017
Daily (not Sun): 10am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 4pm, 5.30pm, 7pm, 8.30pm (Fri 28/Sat 29, Tue 1 – Thurs 3).
Billed as a virtual reality theatre experience, WHIST is inspired by Sigmund Freud’s dream theory. Audiences are taken on a journey into the unconscious mind, where their instincts guide them through a narrative of surreal dreams and fears. Combining physical theatre with mixed reality technology, the production brings the magic of theatre together with the type of special effects only possible in the world of film.

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