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The Studio

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Leith Theatre: Bouncers
Wed 17 to Sat 20 May
It’s 1990. Judd, Les, Lucky Eric and Ralph man the doors of a nightclub. They’re mad, occasionally bad, but full of bravado and brawn and insist you dress to impress. These four lads watch girls dance around their handbags and the lads on the pull and play all the guys and gals that arrive. The disco beats and light show flashes, illuminating a raw, energetic, raucous and very funny, perhaps familiar, evening with those people you might have known, heard about, but certainly won’t ever forget. Admission prices on the door. Chicken in a basket is extra!

You and Me and the Space Between
Mon 29 to Wed 31 May
The island is sinking. Its adults are useless. Time for the kids to save the day. The island of Proud Circle springs a leak and its citizens must find a way to stop their home from disappearing. It takes the wondering mind of a child to save the island, its people and their ways. Adventures happen, horizons widen and important things are said.

The Queen Has Vanished
Fri 2 10.30am, Sat 3 Jun 1.30pm & 5pm, Sun 4 Jun 1.30pm
This is the story of a kingdom where fate has struck. The Queen has vanished. The King is grieving and refuses to come outside. His garden is a shambles. The jesters have fled the kingdom. The Princess is waiting for the thaw to set in. None of her suitors have touched her frozen heart, yet…

Shall We Dance
Join us for a contemporary, glittering evening of ballroom dancing for everyone to enjoy, bringing the halcyon days of dancing at ‘the palais’ into the 21st century. Participate in learning the basics of partner dancing, dance the night away to the live music of Radio Pachuco and watch a fabulous showdance by the current Scottish Ballroom champions,

Little Shop of Horrors
Wed 21 to Sat 24 June
Little Shop of Horrors tells the tale of Seymour Krelborn, a down-trodden floral assistant, who becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers an unusual plant with a unique craving. Soon Audrey II grows to offer him fame, fortune and love in exchange for feeding its growing appetite. Seymour has some difficult choices to make…

Edinburgh International Festival: Martin Creed’s Words and Music
4 – 27 August
Artist, musician and Turner Prize-winner Martin Creed invites you to a delightfully nonconformist evening of words, music and more, as he takes up residence for the 2017 International Festival.

Edinburgh International Festival: Spirit of ’47
6 – 16 August
Spirit of ’47 is a jointly curated season of talks, performances and screenings examining global citizenship and international collaboration with insights and perspectives from the UK and around the world.

Edinburgh International Festival: Real Magic
22 – 27 August
To the sound of looped applause and canned laughter, three performers take part in an impossible illusion – part mind-reading feat, part cabaret act, part chaotic game show – as they endlessly revisit moments of defeat, hope and anticipation.

The Sunshine Ghost
Fri 6 & Sat 7 October Preview Thu 5 October
A new musical from Andy Cannon and Richard Ferguson A billionaire American property tycoon transports an ancient Scottish castle across the sea to Florida at the behest of his fiancé, only to discover that its previous owner has not quite ‘left’ the building…

Sat14 Octover 2017
Bob has lost something important, something that might make him happy – but for the life of him he just can’t remember where he left it. It might be in his old house but he’s in a wheelchair and he can’t make the journey alone and none of the staff in the care home will take him. So Bob decides to take matters into his own hands. Despite being watched over by the security system that sees all and the nurse that knows all Bob, with help of co-conspirators Gemma and Cap, sets out on an uncertain journey to find out just what it is he has been missing.