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Leith Theatre: The Homecoming
Wed 16 to Sat 19 May 2018
Evenings: 7.30pm.
Leitheatre return to the Studio, with their production of Pinter’s classic 1965 play, The Homecoming. It tells the story of the return to his old family home of university professor Teddy. Old family tensions and resentments are stirred up as Teddy’s family react to meeting his mysterious new wife.

Things To Wear
Tue 29 – Thurs 31 May 2018
Twice daily: 10.45am & 1.45pm (35 mins)
A man and a woman, an old record player, a washing line and a large paper bag filled with wonderful things. Two very different people trying to fit together. A performance by Theaterhaus Ensemble from Germany as part of the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival. Ages: 2 – 6 years.

Nao Nao
Sat 2 – Sun 3 June 2018
Sat: 10.30am, 1.30pm ) 3.30pm; Sun: 10.30am & 1.30pm. (35 mins)
Não (No, in Portuguese) is a mischievous little boy made of clay who discovers a world of mud, water and talc. Não likes to jump in puddles, flood the house, cover himself with flour and eat earth. A performance by Le Vent des Forges from France as part of the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival. Ages: 2 – 5 years.

Spring Awakening
Wed 27 to Sat 30 June 2018.
Evenings: 7.30pm; Mat Sat: 2.30pm.
TBC Productions with Duncan Sheik’s rock musical based on the 1891 play by Frank Wedekind. The original Broadway production took home eight Tony awards including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score. The score ranges from uplifting to haunting, with songs such as Mama Who Bore Me.

EIF: Ane Satire of the Thrie Estaitis
Tue 7 August 2018
Twice: 1pm & 5pm.
A workshop presentation and discussion of Sir David Lindsay’s seminal 16th-century play directed by Joe Douglas with dramaturgy by Ian Brown to mark the 70th anniversary of Tyrone Guthrie’s Tyrone Guthrie’s legendary revival in the Assembly Hall. An NTS/Lyceum co-production for the EIF.

EIF: Hocus Pocus
Fri 10 to Sun 12 August 2018
Fri – Sun: 6pm; Sat/Sun: 2pm (45 mins).
A spellbinding spectacle for children from seven years old and their families, Hocus Pocus weaves together dance, theatre, visual art and bewitching lighting to tell a wondrous story of how bravery and confidence can overcome darkness and fear. An EIF presentation created by Lausanne-based choreographer Philippe Saire.

EIF: Eurovision Young Musician, Semi-Finals.
Sat 18 & Sun 19 August 2018
Daily: 2pm, 4pm & 6pm
Experience the classical music stars of tomorrow – 18 of the most exciting young performers from right across Europe. All competing for one of the world’s most prized competition titles: Eurovision Young Musicians 2018.

EIF: The End of Eddy
Tue 21 – Sun 26 August 2018.
Evenings: 7pm; Matinees: Thurs to Sun: 2pm.
Written when he was just 21 and combining vivid storytelling with frank reflections on sexuality, class and power, Édouard Louis’ acclaimed autobiographical novel of hope, love, lust and anger is both unflinchingly honest and hugely entertaining.  This new stage adaptation is a co-production from London’s Unicorn Theatre and Untitled Projects, reuniting Stewart Laing and writer Pamela Carter.

Shall We Dance
Sat 13 October 2018.
Evening: 7pm.
Join us for a contemporary, laid-back, fun and glittering evening of ballroom dancing. Learn the basics with instruction from professionals, dance the night away with live music from Radio Pachuco and watch a fabulous showdance by champion dancers. Open to all skills, from beginner to advanced.

Nye and Jennie
Fri 2 & Sat 3 November 2018.
Evenings: 7.30pm; Matinee: 2.30pm.
Aneurin Bevan and Jennie Lee were comrades and flatmates who together fought and preached for socialism as they saw it; he the Tredegar firebrand on the Labour backbenches, she the miner’s daughter from Fife who became a Socialist MP before she was old enough to vote. The story of a partnership that became one of the outstanding political marriages of the twentieth century.