John Ramage

The Belle’s Stratagem

The Belle’s Stratagem

★★★★☆ Exemplary comedy:

Vivacity, wit and downright stupidity abound in The Belle’s Stratagem at the Lyceum, a production of verve and cheek that produces as much laughter as anything seen on the Edinburgh stage in recent years.

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The Venetian Twins

The Venetian Twins

★★★★☆ Double the fun:
Broad, finely honed and never afraid of a corny joke, The Venetian Twins is a huge, rip-roaring thing. It is all rather silly, but is none the worse for that.

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Theatre Review –  The Cherry Orchard

Theatre Review – The Cherry Orchard

Uprooted from its original time and place, John Byrne’s new version of Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard transplants the action to Scotland in 1979, on the eve of Thatcher’s first term in office.

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