The Cast of Oor Wullie

Martin Quinn,Ann Louis Ross, Irene Macdougall and George Drennan.
Bailey Newsome, Leah Byrne, Leanne Traynor, Dan Buckley and Grant McIntyre.

The cast of Oor Wullie from Dundee Rep with Selladoor Worldwide

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The Cast of Oor Wullie

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  1. Martin says:

    Just googled the cast after going to see the show at Eden Court. Great show by the way. But the cast photo is missing Wahid. How could you forget him from the group photo?

    • Thom Dibdin says:

      Cheers Martin,

      I think the reason is that, at the time this news was released, Eklovey Kashyap had not yet been cast as Wahid – and not having seen the show we weren’t even aware of the character…
      It is a completely fair point though!


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