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The Studio
The Studio, 22 Potterrow, EH8 9BL. Phone booking: 0131 529 6000

The Studio. Pic Thom Dibdin

NB: The Studio  has now re-opened in line with Scottish Government advice. Patrons will be asked to check in to Scotland Test and Protect on arrival and everyone over the age of 5 will have to wear a mask while in the theatre. Full details here: welcomeback.

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June 2022

Caught in This Moment of Time
Fri 24 June 2022
Two show: 2.30pm & 7.30pm.
Ron Coleman lives on the Isle of Lewis with Dementia. In this play he delves into family relationships, personal emotions and imagines the future of Artificial Intelligence. Gritty at times, Ron’s play is ultimately hopeful, and features poetry, dance, folk singing and Gaelic waulking song. Book here.

The Polar Bears: Go, Go, Go!
Sat 23 – Sun 24 July 2022
Two shows: 11am & 2pm.
The Polar Bears are back with another adventure and this time they are off on their holidays. What could go wrong? Join the very lovable but slightly hapless duo as they set off on their holiday adventures. Will they ever reach their destination? Or are they just going around in circles?. Book here.

August 2022

Windows of Displacement (EIF)
Fri 12 – Sat 13 Aug 2022
Evenings: 8pm.
Migration, home, borders and identity pose some of the biggest questions of our time. Addressing these issues and more, Akeim Toussaint Buck presents a recent history of humanity in this timely dance-theatre show, drawing from his own journey of migration from Jamaica to the UK to tell a story that is both deeply personal and universal. Book here.

Vocal (EIF)
Sat 13 Aug 2022
Evenings: 7.30pm; Sat: 2.30pm.
A performance of Persian classical and folk music hosted by Zozan Yasar and featuring Aref Ghorbani, interspersed with conversation around the censorship of music and cultural expression. Book here.

Amber (EIF)
Fri 3 – sat 4 June 2022
Evenings: 7.30pm; Sat: 2.30pm.
An interactive performance documenting a 23-mile walk from Dungavel Detention Centre to the Home Office in Glasgow. Amber responds to the different paths people seeking safety might take in their migratory journeys and the difficulty of judging their need for protection based on the way they arrive to UK shores. Followed by a discussion with the artists and human rights activists. Book here.

A Wee Journey (EIF)
Tue 16 – Sat 20 Aug 2022
Evenings: 7.30pm; Relaxed per Thurs: 2.30pm.
Combining choreography by Palestinian artist Farah Saleh, live music and composition by Turkish musician Oğuz Kaplangi and movement from an ensemble of performers, this collaborative piece centres on compassion and empathy to share the lived experiences of the artists and their relationship to migration. Book here.

We Are Monchichi (EIF)
Fri 19 – Sun 21 Aug 2022
Fri: 6pm; Sat/Sun 2pm.
This dance show for young audiences explores how we connect across cultures and languages. How do we come together when everything is pushing us apart? What language do we choose? How do we face the mountain of cultural stereotypes? Book here.

Detention Dialogues (EIF)
Sun 21 Aug 2022
Evening: 7.30pm.
A series of verbatim scripts featuring the voices and powerful stories of refugees from around the world. The testimonies tell of people’s experiences being held in immigration removal facilities across the UK, revealing uncomfortable truths which all too often go unheard. Book here.

as british as a watermelon (EIF)
Tue 23 – Fri 26 Aug 2022
Evenings: 8pm.
Zimbabwean writer and performer mandla rae has a selective memory and is scrambling to piece together a life mostly forgotten in the name of survival. Through the exploration of mandla’s fragmented LGBTQ asylum and childhood migration memories, as british as a watermelon asks powerful questions about belonging, trauma and forgiveness.. Book here.

Oh Europa (EIF)
Sat 27 Aug 2022
Hourly from 12 noon to 7pm.
Since 2018, artists Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse traveled Europe in their campervan, asking strangers to sing a love song. Join them in an epic deep-listening experience as they play every single love song they have recorded to date: over a thousand voices singing in 49 languages. Book here.

October 2022

Downs With Love
Wed 19 Oct 2022
Evenings: 7.30pm.
Beth, a young woman who has Down’s Syndrome, lives a very independent life, has her routines and lives simply but happily. She is helped by a new support worker, Tracy and they soon strike up a friendship. On a Friday night, they go to the pub to watch Mark, a local singer. Beth falls for Mark but the problem is – Mark falls for Tracy – who loves both of them. . Book here.

December 2022

The Gift
Sat 17 Dec 2022 – Wed 4 Jan 2023
Two shows daily
Sat 17, Sun 18, Tue 20: 2pm & twilight show 6pm.
Wed 21 – Wed 4 (not Suns): 10.45am & 2pm; Mon 26: 1.15pm & 4.30pm.
A mountain of discarded wrapping. A lonely child with an active imagination. It’s often the cardboard boxes, not the gifts inside that are the most fun. Is the true gift the joy that can come from the imagination? Book here.