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The Lyceum. Pic: Eamonn McGoldrick

Season 2021/22

Scent of Roses
by Zinnie Harris
25 February – 19 March 2022
A darkly funny new play about truths, lies, and how we tell them begins with a wife who decides to take her husband hostage to finally have an honest conversation. This simple, transgressive act of demanding a straight answer sparks a chain of conversations, interrogations, obfuscations and revelations as a circle of connected lives try to work out what is real and find someone they can trust in a post-truth world. Tickets and Details.

The Meaning of Zong
by Giles Terera
A Bristol Old Vic production in association with The Royal Lyceum

13 – 24 April 2022
Following the aftermath of the massacre of slaves aboard ship Zong, The Meaning of Zong boldy interrogates the impact of the subsequent court case which, for the first time, considered the fiscal cost of a human life, and resulted in the galvanisation of the abolition movement in the UK. Tickets and Details.

Red Ellen
by Caroline Bird
presented by The Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, Nottingham Playhouse and Northern Stage

4 – 21 May 2022
The Scottish premiere of the untold story of revolutionary socialist politician and journalist Ellen Wilkinson, who became a national figure when she played a prominent role in the 1936 Jarrow March – a protest which had a formative impact on post-Second World War attitudes towards unemployment and social justice. Tickets and Details.

Laurel and Hardy
by Tom McGrath
3 – 25 June 2022
Tony Cownie directs Steven McNicoll and Barnaby Power, who wowed audiences with the skill and humanity of their performances playing the two older men on this stage in 2005. Now, in 2022, they are closer to the real ages of Laurel and Hardy at the end of their careers and will bring new layers of depth, and truth to this moving and funny production. Tickets and Details.

The Snow Queen
Adapted from the story by Hans Christian Andersen
Christmas season 2022/23
Performances for this show are being rescheduled to 2022/23. 
When the beautiful and fearsome Snow Queen steals Kay away and takes him to her frozen kingdom, she leaves behind his sister, the brave and brilliant Gerda, who will stop at nothing to rescue her sibling. But before she can do so, the Snow Queen lodges a sliver of her magical ice into the boy’s eye and heart, turning the once loving and gentle Kay cold and mean. Can Gerda, with the help of friends she meets along the way, track her brother through the magical, wintery world of the Snow Queen and melt his frozen heart before it’s too late? Book here.