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Sep 1 2023 | By More

All Edinburgh Theatre at the Festivals in 2023

By Thom Dibdin

The 2023 Summer festivals saw 169 shows Made in Edinburgh at #EdFringe. As a website, we managed to review almost 100 of them.

On this page there are links to the various productions – to the listings, to the reviews, and also to the reviews by the different critics who came out and reviewed for All Edinburgh Theatre.

A huge thank-you to the reviewers: Hugh Simpson, Allan Wilson, Tom Ralphs, Suzanne O’Brien, Torya Hughes, and Martin Gray for all your insight and input.

In our listings below, theatre is organised by the different statuses of the companies – Amateur, Grassroots, Youth & Student, Professional & Funded, and Theatre for children and young people.

We also carried listings for Musical Theatre & Opera, and Dance, Cabaret & Spoken Word.

So far as reviews go, we covered 100 productions in the fringe, 95 of which were made in Edinburgh. There were eight returning Made in Edinburgh shows which we had previously reviewed and didn’t review this year.

In the theatre section, we reviewed 72 shows Made in Edinburgh and and another five non Edinburgh-made shows. We reviewed 10 musicals, six shows for children, three pieces of Cabaret and Variety, three spoken word and one production in the music section. We also reviewed at the EIF and the Book Festival.


Theatre by Edinburgh’s Amateur companies

Theatre by Edinburgh’s Grassroots companies.

Theatre by Edinburgh’s Youth and Student companies.

Theatre by Edinburgh’s Professional & Funded companies.

Theatre for children and young people.

Edinburgh-made Musical Theatre & Opera.

Edinburgh-made Dance, Cabaret & Spoken Word.

We are proud to work with EPAD to produce and publish their annual listing of shows “created, performed or produced by Edinburgh’s theatre professionals” which is  here.

Reviews by Festival

Reviews of Edinburgh Fringe shows

Reviews of EIF shows

Book Festival round-up reviews.

Reviews by Reviewer

#EdFringe reviews by Hugh Simpson.

#EdFringe reviews by Allan Wilson.

#EdFringe reviews by Torya Hughes.

#EdFringe reviews by Suzanne O’Brien.

#EdFringe reviews by Tom Ralphs

#EdFringe reviews by Thom Dibdin

#EdFringe reviews by Martin Gray

And finally, a thank-you to all the companies, performers, technical staff and front of house who helped make it possible for us to do all this.

Thom Dibdin.


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