Credits and Thanks

Many thanks to the many people who have helped me set up All Edinburgh

Alison Neathey of Stuff and Content has been the real power in creating the site in its current configuration. Alison moved it smoothly from a two-column site to a three column site and made it responsive for viewing on mobile and tablet.

Steve West of the has provided superb technical support: tweeking the CSS, giving sage advice on the technical aspects and making sure that they worked. It is his technical expertise which makes All Edinburgh work as smoothly as it does.

Peter Dibdin has not just been constantly supportive – pushing me to move forward and give the site a professional look – but gives me the practical support of server space.

What makes a good site great is its content, and a huge and on-going thank-you goes to Hugh Simpson, Martin Gray, Susan Lowes, J.A. Sutherland, Paul Johnson, Jen McGregor, Mark Bolsover, Jo Rush and all the other writers whose opinions and writing ensure that it is worth reading.