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Upcoming shows at Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Pitlochry Festival Theatre
Port Na Craig, Pitlochry PH16 5DR
Website: https://pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com

Pitlochry Festival Theatre looks across the River Tummel. Pic PFT

Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Scotland’s theatre in the hills which is enjoying its 70th anniversary in 2021, is a regular destination for Edinburgh’s theatre goers.

The town itself is a favourite for short-break holidays, often taking in a few of the shows from PFT’s rep company.

The theatre is an hour and a half drive from Edinburgh, or a two hour train journey. The station is a short walk from the theatre with the last train back just after 10pm.

Autumn Season 2023 Listings

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NB: The theatre runs a rep company, with two different shows most days. A full diary is here. Check each show’s Further Details link for its dates and times. 

Ends 30 Sept 2023
Eves: 8pm; Mats: 2pm. Auditorium
Gypsy is one of the greatest and most dazzling of all musicals. Based on the tantalising memoir of famous burlesque artist Gypsy Rose Lee, it tells the story of ambitious showbiz mother Rose, who travels across America with her daughters, Baby June and Louise, in search of success with their homemade vaudeville act. Further Details.

To the Bone
Fri 18 Aug – Fri 29 Sept 2023
Eves: 7.30pm; Mats: 2.30pm. Studio 
By Isla Cowan
Set in a secluded, rural cottage, To the Bone explores isolation and ownership, loss and longing, as Beth confronts her past and fights for her future. An intense, incisive drama about haunting, healing, and what we call home. Further Details.

Group Portrait in a Summer Landscape 
Ends 28 Sept 2023
Eves: 8pm; Mats: 2pm. Auditorium
By Peter Arnott.
Set in a Perthshire country house during the Scottish Independence referendum of 2014, it revolves around retired academic and political heavyweight, George Rennie and his fractured family and former students, coming together for a dramatic reckoning. There are secrets to be exposed.
Further Details

Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Lipstick, Ketchup and Blood 
Ends 22 Sept 2023
Mats: 2pm. Amphitheatre
Lesley Hart’s adaptation of A Study in Scarlet is back by popular demand, marking the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, the most famous detective duo in literature. Further Details.

Brief Encounter 
Ends 29 Sept 2023
Eves: 8pm; Mats: 2pm. Auditorium
Respectable housewife Laura and idealistic doctor Alec meet by chance at a railway station. Although they are both already married, they continue to meet every Thursday in the station café. Their friendship soon develops into something more emotionally fulfilling than either expected, and they wrestle with the potential havoc their deepening relationship would have on their lives and the lives of those they love. Further Details.

A Streetcar Named Desire 
Ends 30 Sept 2023
Eves: 8pm; Mats: 2pm. Auditorium
After losing her family home and prosperous life, former southern belle Blanche Dubois moves into the shabby apartment of her younger sister Stella and her husband Stanley Kowalski in a poor neighbourhood in New Orleans. Further Details.

Forever Home
Mon 11 – Sat 16 Sept 2023
Mats: 1pm. Studio
By Pauline Lockhart and Alan Penman.
Growing up is never simple but for Caitlin, there are extra complications: Caitlin was in care, then adopted, now her birth family want her in their lives. Things are spiralling out of control… Further Details.

Helping Hands 
Thurs 19 Oct – Sat 4 Nov 2023
Eves: 7.30pm; Mats: 2.30pm. Studio
By Cathy Forde.
Rose, an agency support worker, gives care to the elderly and vulnerable in her community. Hilda is one of those clients. One day when both women find themselves in crisis, a relationship develops that neither woman expected but both desperately needed. Further Details.

Sunshine on Leith
Fri 17 Nov –  Sat 23 Dect 2023
Eves: 7pm; Mats: 2pm. Auditorium
Set to fantastic songs from world-renowned Scottish band The Proclaimers, Sunshine on Leith is both a funny and moving play about Davy and Ally, two Edinburgh natives returning to their hometown after serving in war-torn countries overseas, who are questioning what ‘home’ really means. Further Details.