Traverse Listings

Upcoming shows at Edinburgh’s New Writing Theatre

10 Cambridge Street, EH1 2ED. Phone booking: 0131 228 1404

The Traverse. Pic: Mihaela Bodlovic

The Traverse. Pic: Mihaela Bodlovic

The Travers has now returned to live performance after being closed due to Covid, during which time it put all its efforts into its online space Traverse 3.

NB: The Traverse has now re-opened in line with current Scottish Government advice on Covid mitigation measures.

January 2023

Pass Double Bill – Resist & Scopaesthesia
Sat 14 Jan 2023
Evening: 7.30pm (Traverse 1)
A dynamic double bill from PASS’s BA Dance and Drama Ensemble Students produced in partnership with Dance Base. Resist and Scopaesthesia have been devised and choreographed with two of Scotland’s most exciting dance and physical theatre artists Farah Saleh and Pete Lannon.. Book here.

Tam O’Shanter, Tales & Whisky
Wed 25 Jan 2023
Two show: 3pm & 8pm (Traverse 2)
Stolen Elephant Theatre
A comic celebration of the ‘Gothic’ poems of Robert Burns. Includes Tam O’ Shanter, Death and Dr Hornbook and Address to the Deil. Douglas McQueen Hunter and Douglas Caird (‘The Picts’ and ‘The Court of Equity’) will also be on stage performing several Burns’ songs. Book here.

February 2023

Arthropoda (Manipulate)
Fri 3/Sat 4 Feb 2023
Evenings: 8pm (Traverse 1)
Part of Manipulate Fest 2023
The entrance to a lobster pot never closes; it remains open, but once inside, the lobster just can’t find its way out again. Does it even recognise that it’s in a trap at all?  Paper Doll Militia with a show about how we identify our traps – and if we manage to do so, how we can find ways to escape them. Book here.

Love Beyong (Act of Remembrance) (Manipulate
Fri 10/Sat 11 Feb 2023
Evenings: 8pm (Traverse 1)
Part of Manipulate Fest 2023
Harry has dementia. He also uses sign language. As he moves into a new home, he is accompanied by memories that dance like ghosts around him. Events from the past seem newly present; a visit from his wife rekindles their love – he imagines they are young and together again. Matthew Lenton directs Ramesh Meyyappan. Book here.

Thurs 16 – Sat 18 Feb 2023
Evenings: 7.30pm, Sat mat: 2.30pm. (Traverse 1)
Citizens Theatre on tour
Fifteen-year-old Roxy is burning. Lost somewhere between the bonfire of girlhood and the sharp edge of womanhood, she gathers her friends and begins meddling in witchcraft to search for answers. By Maryam Hamidi. Book here.

Revelations of Rab McVie
Fri 24/Sat 25 Feb 2023
Evenings: 7.30pm (Traverse 1)
Maria Rud and The Filthy Tongues
An immersive journey through a psychedelic dreamscape of live painting, live music, spoken word and theatre. Join everyman Rab McVie as he travels through richly textured landscapes of bloodshed and war – a story of light in darkness, of hope in a torn world. Book here.

Until it’s Gone (PPP)
Tue 28 Feb – Sat 4 Mar 2023.
Matinees: 1pm. (Traverse 2).
By Alison Carr
In a future however many years from now where women are extinct, two men meet on a park bench. The younger has brought two Kia-Ora’s to share, but the older doesn’t want to know. A dark comic drama that explores a world without women, and what that means for the men left behindBook here.

You Are Now Approaching… 
Tue 28 Feb 2023
Evening: 7.30pm (Traverse 2)
A reading of a new play by Traverse Breakthrough Writer Lydia Sabatini.
In You Are Now Approaching Brackham-Under-Sea. Please Dive Carefully an Essex coastal town is about to be hit by a crisis, a flood of unprecedented destructiveness. Does it have what it takes to endure? Book here.

March 2023

Title (PPP)
Tue 7 – Sat 11 Mar 2023.
Matinees: 1pm. (Traverse 2).
By Áine King
Three different people. Three different stories. Three human emergencies entangled in the world’s climate crisis. Áine King’s powerful contemporary play won the David MacLennan Award. It looks at the climate crisis from the view of three separate people experiencing first-hand the impacts of our rapidly changing world. Book here.

Tue 14 – Sat 18 Mar 2023.
Matinees: 1pm. (Traverse 2).
By Morna Young
Young quine Lisa has been dumped by her best mate for a new man, and she’s raging. That’s their annual holiday to Ibiza out the window, and it’s looking like a summer alone in Aberdeen for poor Lisa. That’s until Lisa’s fortunes change, and she finds herself at a forest sanctuary run by eccentric oracle Babs… but her house on chicken legs isn’t quite the destination Lisa expected… Book here.

Write-Off (PPP)
Tue 21 – Sat 25 Mar 2023.
Matinees: 1pm. (Traverse 2).
By Aodhan Gallagher
Freddie is a gay man who writes gritty psychological thrillers and refuses to compromise his storytelling approach for the sake of representation or political correctness. However, due to rising public criticism that his stories are inherently problematic, Freddie cracks under his publisher’s pressure and hires a young sensitivity reader named Ben to keep him in check. Book here.

Variant (PPP)
Tue 28 Mar – Sat 1 Apr 2023.
Matinees: 1pm. (Traverse 2).
By Peter Arnott
A man and a woman are on stage and there’s something going on between them…but what is it? At first, you think it’s one thing. Then it’s something else. Maybe a flirtation, a thriller, a crime story? Maybe it’s all happened before? Maybe it’s a joke? Maybe it’s just a Variant… Book here.

Tue 28 March 2023
Evening: 8pm (Traverse 2)
A reading of a new play by Traverse Breakthrough Writer Eliza Gearty.
Ardi and Cate live in a one-room flat they can’t afford above a pub. Meanwhile their landlord, Racken, watches them via CCTV. He sends constant reminders via text about the washing up and outstanding rent. Book here.

How Not To Drown
Wed 29 Mar – Sat 1 Apr 2023
Evening: 7.30pm, Sat mat: 2.30pm.  (Traverse 1)
By Nicola McCartney & Dritan Kastrati.
In 2002, in the turmoil after the end of the Kosovan War, Dritan is sent on the notoriously perilous journey across the Adriatic with a gang of people smugglers to a new life in Europe. He relies on his young wit and charm to make it to the UK. But the fight for survival continues as he clings to his identity and sense of self when he ends up in the British care system. Book here.

April 2023

The Spark (PPP)
Tue 4 – Sat 8 Apr 2023.
Matinees: 1pm. (Traverse 2).
By Kathy McKean
A woman has spent decades trying to work out how to be silent and not be too much. As she starts to develop classic perimenopausal symptoms, she also develops unusual changes that aren’t listed on any of the NHS website lists… Book here.

Family Tree
Wed 5 – Fri 7 April 2023
Evenings: 7.30pm (Traverse 1)
By Mojisola Adebayo
A poetic drama about race, health, the environment, and the incredible legacy of Henrietta Lacks, one of the most influential Black women of modern times. Fearlessly honest, hilarious, and ultimately transformative, this award-winning play is both a remembrance and a celebration. Book here.

Stornoway, Quebec
Sat 8 April 2023
Evening: 7.30pm (Traverse 1)
Theatre Gu Leòr – in Gaelic with English subtitles.
Quebec, 1888. A snowstorm traps five people in a remote saloon. One is Dòmhnall Morrison, the Megantic Outlaw, one of the most notorious villains of his day – to all but his own community. Another is a badass Barra woman, Màiri MacNeil – a whiskey-fueled, pistol-slinging, bounty hunter. She has history and a score to settle. Ceilidhs meet Colt .45s in this wild Gàidhlig Western. Book here.

We Were Promised Honey
Wed 12/Thurs 13 April 2023
Evenings: 8pm (Traverse 2)
A lone performer tells the story of the future of the audience; what’s going to happen to them in the decades, centuries, millenia after the end of this show. Everything has already been decided. This is the story of the end. Book here.

Sean and Daro Flake It ‘Til They Make It
Sat 15 – Sun 23 April 2023.
Tue – Sat: 7.30pm; Sun 23: 2pm. (Traverse 1).
By Laurie Motherwell
Looking for a way out of their humdrum lives in the outskirts of Glasgow, straight-laced Sean, fresh from dropping out of uni, and the gallus Daro, overflowing with charisma and business ‘acumen’, reckon they can be the dream team of frozen treats. Fuelled by Irn Bru and baccy, the two go from the heady heights of summer to the perilous cold of winter in their slightly clapped-out van of destiny. But surely it’s always ice cream season? Book here.

Rock Paper Scissors (Tandem Writing Collective)
Sat 22 April 2023
Evening: 8pm (Traverse 2)
By Jennifer Adam, Amy Hawes and Mhairi Quinn.
With quiet facts drowned out by loud opinions and calamity around the corner, the Tandem Writing Collective are back to bring their short writing and music nights to audiences, with their most ambitious and critical project to date,, exploring how we decide on the hardest, the most delicate and the most divisive themes facing us all today. Book here.

Tue 25 April 2023
Evening: 7.30pm (Traverse 2)
A reading of a new play by Traverse Breakthrough Writer Liam Moffat.
Armed with a puppy he never wanted, a man’s world is turned upside down by the sudden death of his partner. JACK is a raw and darkly comedic account of grief and love, and what it takes to find hope again. Book here.

May 2023

Who Killed My Father
Thurs 11/Fri 12 May 2023
Evenings: 7.30pm (Traverse 2)
Surrogate Productions
Growing up gay in a small town in France, Édouard endured the violence and homophobia of his alcoholic, right-wing father, a factory worker. In 2000, his father suffered an accident in the workplace which left him bed-bound and on morphine for the pain. Now, Édouard confronts his father, uncovering a startling connection between political decisions and his father’s broken body. Book here.

Love the Sinner
Tue 16/Wed 17 May 2023
Evenings: 7.30pm (Traverse 1)
Imogen Stirling and Vanishing Point
The seven deadly sins are alive and kicking in contemporary Scotland. They’re looking for something to do. Initially published as a performance poetry collection, Love The Sinner is transformed into a pulsating full-scale theatre show: a fusion of performance poetry, visual theatre and electronic music. Book here.

Dear Billy
Thurs 18 – Sat 20 May 2023
Evenings: 7.30pm (Traverse 1)
Billy Connolly needs no introduction. He is a national treasure. From the shipyards of the Clydeside to his trailblazing and extraordinary stage and movie exploits, he is woven into Scottish culture. Everyone has a Billy story, now the NTS has turned these stories into a special show celebrating the Big Yin and what he means to us. Book here.

Tue 23 May 2023
Evening: 7.30pm (Traverse 2)
A reading of a new play by Traverse Breakthrough Writer Beth Westbrook.
When does raising awareness turn into exploitation? Aurora’s life has been shared online as part of her and her mother Emma’s social media channels MUMMY_WITH_A_MISSION. Aurora is now 17, and concerned about the impact of having her most vulnerable moments on the internet will have on her future. Book here.

June 2023

Black Pudding
Tue 27 June 2023
Evening: 7.30pm (Traverse 2)
A reading of a new play by Traverse Breakthrough Writer Fatima Jawara.
Siblings Sade and Tobey have always questioned their mixed raced identity, but they’ve always had each other to lean on. As they grow up and discover more about themselves and the world around them, their relationship begins to stray. Book here.

October 2023

Tue 22/Wed 25 Oct 2023
Evening: 7.30pm (Traverse 1)
Written and Directed by Eilidh Loan.
Garry’s turned 50 but doesn’t feel like celebrating. Exhausted from years spent wrapped in regret, he begins to relive ‘the glory days’, trying to understand his mistakes, answer questions and right some wrongs in a bid to make peace with his past and find renewed purpose. Book here.

Title (PPP)
Tue 2 – Sat 4 Feb 2023.
Matinees: 1pm. (Traverse 2).
Blurb. Book here.