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Apr 18 2024 | By More
M.A.M.A finds replacement venue for 2024 revue

The Musselburgh Amateur Musical Association has found a new venue and posted new dates for its postponed annual revue, the M.A.M.A Spotlight Awards.

The show will now take place at Loretto School Theatre in Musselburgh on Friday 3 May 2024 at 7.30pm, with two performances on Saturday 4 May at 2pm and 7.30pm thanks to support from local businesses.

The MAMA ensemble. Pic MAMA

The company have been searching for a more permanent performance space since the unexpected closure of The Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh last year and the rising costs of using other venues in the local area.

Increased costs and low ticket sales forced the company to postpone its original planned dates and venue for the revue, which was to have played Portobello Town Hall from tonight, Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 April 2024 (see MAMA pulls annual revue).

Now Loretto School and a clutch of local businesses have come to the company’s aid and they can get back to the business of rehearsing for the show.

local support

MAMA President, Becky Duncan-Skelton, told Æ: “We are delighted with the local support we have received from the Musselburgh community and past members of the company over the last few weeks.

“Loretto School theatre have now been able to support us, while the Brunton remains closed, and we would like to thank the school for this.

“We have also received sponsorship from Belmont Suzuki group for our programme, and other sponsorship from The Compass School, Nectar and Pollen Floral, Leith Walk Police box and Quick lube.

“These are all local businesses in the area and we are so grateful for this.”

The postponement of the revue has also exposed a real desire for Musselburgh residents to have their own theatre space, according to Duncan-Skelton.

She said: “What has become clear to us through all of our messages is just how important the Brunton was to the people of Musselburgh, whether they were seeing theatre, dance or cinema, or meeting their friends.

“Musselburgh is a culturally poorer place without it and the community deserve the space to be open again”.

MAMA members have continued rehearsing the show, even though it had been postponed and are now back in the rehearsal room with a new goal in mind.

Tickets for the new dates are available from for £15, or contact a member of the company.


MAMA Spotlight Awards
Loretto School Theatre, Millhill, Musselburgh.
Fri 3/Sat 4 may 2024.
Evenings: 7.30pm, Sat mat: 2pm.
Tickets and details: Book here.


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