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Mar 8 2023 | By More

Two shows looking to cast for May and August

A production of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice at the Brunton in May and the world premiere adaptation of Stephen Fry’s Making History at the Fringe have put out open calls for amateur performers.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is being produced by The Brunton in association with David Ross and Tommie Travers. It will will play four performances at the Brunton. Production week will be Monday 29 May – Saturday 3 June 2023. Auditions are on Sun 12 and Tue 14 March at the Brunton.

Making History is being staged by Edinburgh Theatre Arts during the Fringe at their St Ninian’s Hall venue. It will play for two weeks from Monday 7 to Saturday 19 August 2023. Auditions will provisionally take place in the last two weeks of March.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

Produced by The Brunton in association with David Ross and Tommie Travers
Run: Thurs 1 – Sat 3 June 2023
Four performances at the Brunton: Evenings at 7.30pm and a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.

“Funny, brutal, beautiful and sad – a timeless and uplifting tale about finding your voice in a noisy world. Jim Cartwright’s Olivier Award-winning comedy drama tells the story of a young, vulnerable woman who loves to impersonate iconic singers in the safety of her bedroom.”

The company is looking for amateur performers to take on the roles of

Laura Hoff (Little Voice): 16 -21
Mari Hoff (F) Playing age: 40 – 60
Ray Say (M) Playing age: 40 – 60
Billy (M) Playing age: 18 – 26
Sadie (F) Playing age: 30 – 55
Mr. Boo (M) Playing age: 50 – 70
Telephone Man (M) Playing age: 40 – 60

Full synopsis & character breakdown:

Google: Click here for details
DropBox: Click here for details

Auditions at the Brunton
Sun 12 March, from 10am – 1pm or
Tue 14 March, from 7.30pm – 10pm.

Participants will be offered a 10-minute slot on a first-come first served basis.
For more information, or to book your audition slot, please email:

Making History

Produced by leading Edinburgh amateur company Edinburgh Theatre Arts.
Run: Monday 7 to Saturday 19 August 2023.
Fourteen performances at St Ninian’s Hall. Mon – Fri: 7.30pm; Sats 1pm & 6pm.

The play is the first ever staging adaptation of the 1996 novel by Stephen Fry. A science-fiction adventure that brings history and physics crashing together. The story has been adapted for the stage, and will be directed by, Colin McPherson.

“Michael Young is a brilliant young history student whose life is changed when he meets Leo Zuckerman, an ageing physicist with a theory that can change worlds. Together they realise that they have the power to alter history and eradicate a great evil. But tinkering with timelines is more dangerous than they can imagine and nothing – past, present or future – will ever be the same again.”

The casting call is for two male-identifying actors. Both with a playing age of 22 – 30.

One – the story’s lead character – A British postgraduate student at Cambridge University.
Two – Also a significant role – an American student at Princeton University.

For full details of the play, character notes and audition dates, contact Colin McPherson on


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