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Aug 3 2014 | By More

Sound-bleed causes C Nova show to cancel

Hyde & Seek, Michael Daviot’s play about his 50 year relationship with the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, has had to cancel two performances at its C Nova venue and Daviot is now actively looking for a replacement venue.

Publicity shot for Daviot in Hyde & Seek. Photo credit: Robert Cassidy

Publicity shot for Daviot in Hyde & Seek. Photo credit: Robert Cassidy

The show, one of over 85 made in Edinburgh at this year’s fringe, opened on Wednesday and played several successful performances at its 18.15 slot, including one to an audience including a critic from the Stage who gave the show a four star review.

However, sound bleed from a comedy show in the neighboring venue meant that the show had to be abandoned on Friday. And following a successful appearance on Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe on Saturday afternoon, things got worse.

“Hyde & Seek show 2 pulled,” Daviot wrote in Facebook. “In addition to shouty microphones we now have disco party tent outside back window. Does anyone know of a 1hr15 slot available….anywhere?

“After a fantastic reception at Mervyn Stutter’s POF this afternoon, I have an unusable venue for all the people who consequently want to see the show to come to. C Nova (management, not staff) proving much less helpful and supportive than they should be. No exaggeration to say I’m very close to breakdown.”

The news comes as venue concentration has increased dramatically in central Edinburgh over the last decade. This year there are over 300 venues listed in the Edinburgh fringe website, more than are in the fringe guide as venues have been added since it was published.

Anyone who knows of a theatre space with a spare 1 hour 15 minute slot available can contact Michael Daviot through facebook: www.facebook.com/michael.daviot.9 or leave a message on Æ’s contact page which will get passed on to him.

UPDATE Sunday 11.15am:

Æ has this morning been in contact with C Venues over the matter and spoke to Sheridan Humphreys, the venue’s head of external affairs. It appears that the initial problem came from the Espionage bar complex next door, not Underbelly as previously reported.

The venue is used by the Laughing Horse free fringe and, if the initial problem not already resolved, is on the way to being so.

Humphries told Æ: “Having been alerted to the noise bleed from Espionage, we contacted Alex Petty at Laughing Horse and Espionage management who were both very helpful. Before last night’s performance of Hyde & Seek, Espionage management came over to the space to check on the noise leakage and offered to set levels to reduce any issue.”

However the second concern is not yet addressed and is affecting performers beyond Michael Daviot, according to Humphries.

She said: “Unfortunately, another noise issue has come up, with a marquee, which we understand is Festival Fringe venue number 276 playing loud amplified music that can be heard inside our building. This is the first time there has been a venue in this location, and we are concerned it may be affecting adjacent Festival venues, other businesses and local residents.

“Following the issues yesterday, we are looking into potential solutions. Unfortunately, the amplified music coming from outside is so loud that it can be heard inside our building, and other buildings in the vicinity.”

Details of the current venue for Hyde and Seek: edfringe.com/whats-on/hyde-seek


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