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Jun 25 2021 | By More

Theatres in miniature include Edinburgh auditoriums

Edinburgh-based exhibition designer, Stuart Smith-Gordon has created a series of model kits depicting some of Edinburgh and London’s most memorable proscenium theatres.

Smith-Gordon has set up a small business, Ice Cream at the Interval, to sell the 170gsm card models, as well as prints and postcards, through Etsy. The four Edinburgh houses on offer are the Festival, Lyceum, Playhouse and the King’s Theatres.

Completed Festival and Lyceum model kits.

Smith-Gordon has also made models of 14 London theatres. He told All Edinburgh Theatre that he has plans to expand further and has begun work on four Broadway and four Glasgow theatres, which he hopes to release later in the year.

He has, he says, a huge passion for theatre and dance, attending many productions as well as performing in and putting on productions in his free time.

He told Æ: “During the first lockdown, I missed regularly attending theatre which is such a huge part of my life and wanted to put a bit of theatre back in my life. I also wanted a project that could help give back to Theatres who were facing an uncertain future.

incredible interiors

“There are lots of lovely prints of the exteriors of theatres out there but no one really capturing the incredible interiors of the auditoriums. I loved making toy theatres as a child and I thought I could use my skills to create a model version of the Royal Lyceum Theatre and the Festival Theatre for fun.

“This adapted into an easy kit which could be assembled at home. These two kits proved really popular and I expanded to the Edinburgh Playhouse and the majestic King’s Theatre. Since then I have added some London theatres totalling 18 theatres.”

Completed Playhouse and King’s model kits.

Having sent kits all over the world, he says he loves the idea that there is a mini Lyceum Theatre in New York and Sydney.

“I’m so proud of our Edinburgh Theatres,” he says. “Being able to share them with theatre lovers across the world is so rewarding, while being able to support the theatres.”

The model kits are available on Etsy for £15 (including a £1 donation to theatre charities) at @IceCreamAtThe.

The compoleted Lyceum Kit seen from the side.


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