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Feb 19 2019 | By More

Actors, directors wanted for rehearsed readings

Page2Stage Edinburgh has put out a call for volunteer actors and directors to take part in its next event on Tuesday 5 March 2019 at Assembly Roxy.

The event is to showcase four short pieces of new writing. Scripts will be sent out in advance. The actors, director and writer of each piece will meet for a two hour rehearsal on the day. Each piece will be performed script-in-hand, with a follow-up feedback session for the writer.

Actors will need strong stage skills, clear delivery, good characterisation and excellent sight-reading skills.

Working in a limited timeframe with limited space and props/set will mean that the directors need to be adaptable and imaginative. Showcasing the writing is the key.

Directors will need to contact their actors to discuss requirements prior to the day. Actors will need to be very familiar with their lines. There will be a 20 minute tech for each script.

Actors and directors should email for an application form which needs to be returned by February 25 with an indication of the plays or characters you are are interested in.

Breakdown of plays and characters

The Courage of Rabbits by Laura Eleanor Paterson
After the death of their parents, Josie is forced to take on the responsibility of her autistic brother Edwin. A resentment grows as she struggles to cope with how much Edwin relies on her, stopping her from living the life she imagined; while she is simultaneously wracked with guilt as she realises he never wanted this either.
Edwin Adams (Male, 15): Big build and tall for his age. A gentle soul but physically intimidating. Edwin has autism, and this means he struggles with everyday situations.
Josie Adams (Female, 20s) Edwin’s sister. Strong, kind and very brave. A young woman, who has had to grow up a lot sooner than she would have liked to.
Patrick Williams (Male, 20s) Josie’s boyfriend. A kind-hearted joker.

Potential by James Beagon
Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Stockport might become a city overnight – that is, if Terry gets the form in on time. But when his colleague Cat decides to leave for greener pastures, a generational conflict is sparked – just how much do we owe to our home town?
Terry (Male 40/50s): Northern accent (Mancunian/north west preferred but not essential)
Catherine (Female 20s.): Ambitious. Northern accent (Mancunian/north west preferred but not essential)

Dearly Distracted by Fiona Wiedmann
Hogmanay occurs once a year, every year. Swathed in memories, nostalgia and hope or angst for the year ahead, three young friends step out of their party to muse upon these things.
Rosie (Female, Mid-20s): Quiet and thoughtful.
Angus (Male, Late-20s): Scottish, friendly, popular and kind.
Eva (Female, Mid-20s): A live wire who means well.

The Inevitable Unravelling Of Us by Emilie Robson
A modern love story between a male and a female told backwards. Starting at the end and ending at the beginning, the play charts the highs, lows and fatal flaws that lead to their demise, orbiting entirely around the bed they share.
James: Male, 30s
Andrea: Female, 30s


Page2Stage Edinburgh March
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU. Phone booking: 0131 623 3030
Tuesday 5 March 2019.
Evening: 7.30pm.

Page2Stage Edinburgh on Facebook: @Page2StageEd.


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