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Sep 11 2014 | By More

Theatre Uncut Referendum plays unleashed

Theatre Uncut, the company which organises quick response drama to political events, has said the six scripts on the topic of the Scottish  independence referendum can be performed rights-free by anyone, anywhere for the next ten days, until 21 September.

TheatreUncutThe six plays, listed below, were first performed at the Edinburgh fringe in 2013 and got an airing during last November’s Theatre Uncut fortnight.

The plays are available for rights-free performances during the period Friday 11-Sunday 21 September 2014 only. Part of the stipulations are that no performances of the plays may take place outside of this period, without the proper permissions being obtained from each writer’s agent.

Anyone who wants stage readings or performances of the Scottish Independence plays over the next 10 days should email with a request to be sent the scripts. Theatre Uncut say that they will be emailed within 24 hours.

The plays are:

Don’t Know Don’t Care by Davey Anderson
Fear and Self-Loathing in West Lothian by Davey Anderson
Party Pieces by Rob Drummond
The White Lightening and the Black Stag by Lewis Hetherington
Close by Kieran Hurley
The 12.57 by AJ Taudevin

Full guidelines for staging Theatre Uncut plays can be found on the website:

Any application for the scripts should include the following statement:
“I, *NAME*, agree that I will only perform the Theatre Uncut Scottish Independence plays between 11th-21st September 2014. If I wish to perform any of the texts after this period I will contact Theatre Uncut to obtain permission from the writer. I agree that I will not change or cut any of the text in any play. I also agree to title my event following the Theatre Uncut guidelines – i.e. to ensure that the name of the city, venue or company presenting the plays comes first in the event title, e.g. ‘Bristol: Theatre Uncut’ or ‘Red Ladder: Theatre Uncut’. I agree that any profit made on my presentation will be sent to the charity Amnesty International.”


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