Paul Inglis

Made in Dagenham

Made in Dagenham

★★★★☆ Up-standing:

As the political stew bubbles over the edges of the Westminster cauldron, Allegro’s big and bold production of Made in Dagenham reminds us of a time when politics was a lot more simple – and the issues were even more fundamental.

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Grease  – Review

Grease – Review

✭✭✭✭✩ A smooth operation

The Bohemians’ snappy and agile production of Grease fairly flies across the stage at the Church Hill, providing a great deal of deftness and dexterity allied to boisterous amusement.

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Review – Sweet Charity

Review – Sweet Charity

✭✭✭✩✩ Enjoyably ambitious

Consistent entertainment and a high level of skill mark out Allegro’s production of Sweet Charity at the Church Hill all this week, despite the occasional mis-step.

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