The  Gentleman’s Stratagem – Review

The Gentleman’s Stratagem – Review

★★★☆☆ Mannered

Subverting and reinterpreting old work seems to be a speciality of young company Charlotte Productions and Gentleman’s Stratagem, at the Vaults all week, is a fine example of that.

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Creepie Stool – Review

Creepie Stool – Review

Intriguing and doubly pertinent thanks to its re-staging in a dark corner of St Giles, Jen McGregor’s tale behind the tale of Jenny Geddes is a moving and provocative piece of theatre.

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Review – Goblin’s Story

Review – Goblin’s Story

★★★☆☆ Winsome and frabjous:

Clever and articulate, Laura Witz’s creation of a back-story for Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market makes for a quirky and satisfying hour of theatre.

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