A Good Enough Girl?

Aug 21 2018 | By More

★★★★☆      More than good enough

Assembly George Square Theatre The Bubble (Venue 8): Thurs 2 – Mon 27 Aug 2018
Review by Hugh Simpson

Scene Change Productions, Greenwich Theatre and Nutshell Theatre’s co-production A Good Enough Girl? is enjoyable, involving and deceptively important production.

In a dystopian future, right-wing governments have reduced women to second-class citizens, unable to work or vote. But a resistance movement seeks to research the contributions to history that women have made…

A Good Enough Girl? EdFringe 2018 Nutshell Theatre Maegan Hearons. Pic: Beth Chalmers

Maegan Hearons. Pic: Beth Chalmers

That may sound worthy or dull, but this is as far from being the case as is possible. This is a production that fairly crackles with fun and excitement, and that constantly involves its audience.

This is done partly through some (decidedly non-threatening) participation in an original concept by Xana Marwick developed by the company, but also through Gowan Calder’s lively, entertaining and educational script, and Kate Nelson’s fizzing direction.

Where this production really shines is in having two performers who seem ideal for the play. Gowan Calder’s Chloe, all pursed lips and disapproving pleas for silence, is an excellent characterisation and far more subtle than the one-note stereotype she seems destined to be.

Maegan Hearons, meanwhile, is simply superb as the bouncy, pop-obsessed Summer; she is particularly good at shepherding the audience through their various low-key tasks.

thoroughly appealing

It is a testament to all concerned that this seems so natural unforced and thoroughly appealing. There are poignant moments too, but they are cleverly handled. It is perhaps a shame that the title and any synopsis make this sound much heavier than it is, as some may be put off unnecessarily.

A Good Enough Girl? EdFringe 2018 Nutshell Theatre Gowan Calder. Pic: Beth Chalmers

Gowan Calder. Pic: Beth Chalmers

The references to contemporary politics may be a shade overdone, but they are one of the things that mean that this production (as well as being ideal for its target audience of girls over 8) will appeal to everybody.

In many ways, it is nearly as important for boys to hear what is being said here. The message of equality and empowerment is all the stronger for being such fun. Even if you don’t believe that dancing to Taylor Swift is an effective agent of social change, you will enjoy yourself doing it.

Running time 1 hour (no interval)
Assembly George Square Theatre The Bubble (Venue 8), George Sq, EH8 9LH
Thursday 2 – Monday 27 August 2018
Daily (not Tue 14, Tue 21) at 11.50 am.
Book tickets on the Fringe website: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/good-enough-girl
Production Facebook: @agoodenoughgirl


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  1. Monika Kamińska says:

    I believe this is very important show and every child should see it.