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Nov 30 2017 | By More

Arkle casting call and 2018 Season announced

Edinburgh amateur company Arkle has put out an open call for its Spring 2018 production of Travels With My Aunt as it announces is full schedule for 2018.

David Grimes will be directing Giles Havergal’s adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel, first staged at the Glasgow Citizens in 1989. It will have a four date run, March 21 to 24 2018, at the Roxy Assembly.

During the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 Arkle will, as usual, be taking over the Royal Scots Club for a full week, running two productions early and late evenings.

Jana Doughty will direct Laugh Out Loud (Cry Quietly) by Stacie Lents, which has a “variable” cast size, while Hannah Bradley will be directing the four-handed You Remind Me of You by Matthew Capodicasa.

Auditions for Travels With My Aunt will take place on Monday 11 December 2017 at St. Mark’s Unitarian Church on Castle Terrace.

Greene’s novel follows the story of mild-mannered, retired bank manager Henry Pulling, who meets his estranged Aunt Augusta at his mother’s funeral. He has no idea what changes agreeing to a simple drink will bring – and before he can even find a suitable place for the urn, or check on his beloved dahlias, Henry is whisked away by Aunt Augusta into her world of tea-leaf reading carnies, war criminals on the run, art smugglers, and one or two romantic dalliances.

Although Havergal’s adaptation features a cast of 24 (15 male, 9 female) they are portrayed by just a handful of actors who switch identities, nationalities, ages and genders. Havergal originally had four performers, Grimes has opted for five – four male and one of either gender playing Aung Augusta.

EdFringe 2018

The two fringe productions are newer and less tested shows.

Laugh Out Loud (Cry Quietly) by Stacie Lents was first performed in 2008 and has a variable cast – a minimum five (four female, one male) to a maximum of 34 (24 female, 10 male). It follows an eclectic group of NYC-dwellers as they look to the internet (where else?) to find love.

Through a series of wacky text messages and awkward dates, each person learns what they really need and what they can – and can’t – tolerate in a mate. Playful and feel-good, LOL offers a touching and relatable look at the lengths we go to for love.

You Remind Me of You by Matthew Capodicasa is a four-hander (two female, two male) from 2016 and concerns face-blindness, the neurological disease “prosopagnosia” where you can’t recognise a face.

When Adele meets Vincent, a young musician with face blindness, it could not come at a worse time. She’s dropped out of law school to care for her father, who after an accident is now beginning to display signs of dementia.

As their relationship develops and deepens, her father’s condition begins to get worse, and suddenly Adele finds herself surrounded by people who, despite knowing her deeply, cannot recognize her.

Auditions for both the fringe shows will take place in mid April 2018, with rehearsals from June 19.

Listings and Links

Travels With My Aunt Auditions
St. Mark’s Unitarian Church, 7 Castle Terrace EH1 2DP
Monday, December 11 2017. 7.30pm.
Facebook Event Page:
To register interest, request a perusal script, a copy of the sides, or to arrange an alternative audition date, please contact If you are interested in auditioning but cannot make the date, contact prior to the 11th to make alternative arrangements.

Travels With My Aunt Breakdown of parts:
Total parts five, comprising of four men and one part to be played by ether gender.

Four men – all playing ages considered. Each of the actors will play multiple parts of both genders and all ages. Should be comfortable with improv and quick character delineation.

Aunt Augusta – either gender – The titular Aunt. She is 74, energetic, passionate and compelling. This actor or actress will only play Aunt Augusta through out the show.

Everyone auditioning should be prepared to read multiple times in an assortment of parts.

Giles Havergal’s script for Travels With My Aunt is available on Amazon. Click the image for details:

Travels With My Aunt
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU
Wednesday 21 – Saturday 24 March 2018.
Daily. Times to be confirmed.

Laugh Out Loud (Cry Quietly) and You Remind Me of You
The Royal Scots Club (Venue 241), 29-31 Abercromby Place, EH3 6QE
Monday 13 – Saturday 18 August 2018
Daily. Times to be confirmed.

Arkle website:
Facebook: Arkle-Theatre-Company-90472754009

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