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Feb 9 2010 | By More

Immodesty Blaize, star of Burlesque Undressed

By Thom Dibdin

The Cameo cinema has just announced that burlesque star Immodesty Blaize is to appear in person at the February 25th screening of Burlesque Undressed. Dancebase is offering a free term’s worth of Can Can dance lessons to the best-dressed member of the audience.

The 15-rated film is a lavish and dazzling journey right into the heart of burlesque as an art-form, featuring a compelling mix of live performance, interviews from burlesque stars past and present, captivating music and all-round show-stopping entertainment.

While early reports indicate that the film is perhaps a tad heavy on Ms Blaize’s own show – what did you expect, she’s a co-producer of the thing after all – she uses her exposure to peel back the curtain on the world of high-octane glamour. The behind-the-scenes peeps reveal the work involved in produce a signature act of teasing perfection.

From elaborate and spectacular costume designs to impressive on-stage tricks, Immodesty and her girls showcase a dazzling explosion of seductive live performance. Depth is given by the veteran burlesque legends, with anecdotes from the original Golden Era of burlesque, including running foul of the censors and getting jailed for shaking their behinds even when covered up!

Shot in high-definition, the film charts burlesque’s rise and fall from early British roots to an American evolution, and finally rejoicing in burlesque’s 21st century revival.

Ms Blaize will sign books and DVDs – as well as judge Dancebase’s competition to win a free term of Can Can classes. The prizes going to the best dressed audience member on the night.

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