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Jun 19 2021 | By More

Casting Call for October production

Edinburgh student company Happy Sad Productions has put out a casting call for its October production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

The call comes after the company’s recent call-out for the production’s creatives. They say they are looking for people who are passionate about their work and keen to return theatre to the Edinburgh stage. The roles attract a nominal fee of £50 plus profit share.

Your’re A Good Man Charlie Brown will play the Assembly Roxy Upstairs in October 2021

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown was first staged off-Broadway in 1967 and at the West End in 1968. The musical comedy has music and lyrics by Clark Gesner and is based on the characters from the Peanuts comic strip created by cartoonist Charles M. Schulz.

This production will play the upstairs venue at Assembly Roxy during the week Monday 4 to Sunday 10 October 2021. Rehearsals will begin in Edinburgh in July and take place weekly, with extra rehearsals taking place closer to the performance date.

Auditions will be online, with all auditionees asked to upload an audition video of themselves performing a suitable number and fill in an online form. Deadline is 5pm, Friday 25th June 2021. Full details and suggestions of suitable numbers to perform are in the audition pack (click here).

The company will be following the relevant government guidance and protocols for the performing arts through the rehearsal process and the performances.


Sign up link:

Facebook: @happysadproductions

For Æ reviews of previous productions of the show click here.


Charlie Brown (male, any age): Charlie Brown is the protagonist of this show, he is goofy, loving and impossibly clumsy. For this role we are looking for someone who can take on this character and make it their own.
Charlie Brown is a baritone and we would be looking for a male aged 16+ to portray this role.
Key personality traits – insecure, friendly, clumsy, big hearted, optimistic, big brother to Sally

Lucy Van Pelt (female, any age): Lucy comes off as a bit of a blockhead, she likes to be the smartest in the room and is constantly spouting out incorrect information. She is very self involved but deep down she really loves all her friends. For this role we are looking for a loud confident female presenting person to portray this character.
Lucy is a Mezzo soprano and we would be looking for a loud, confident mezzo soprano aged 16+.
Key personality traits: loud, obnoxious, girlie, crabby, vivid imagination, Big sister to Linus, in love with Schroeder.

Snoopy (casting gender blind, any age): Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s best friend, a loving loyal companion who when not sleeping on top of his kennel can be found playing pretend, eating or hanging out with the gang. Snoopy is possibly the most difficult character to portray so we are looking for someone who has a lot of enthusiasm and is willing to go over the top to get this role right.
Snoopy is a tenor role and we a\re looking for any gender aged 16+ to play snoopy.
Key personality traits: funny, lazy, melodramatic, noble, imaginative, Charlie’s best friend.

Sally Brown (female, any age): Sally is a happy go lucky kid who will do anything to avoid doing her homework, she has a heart of gold but sometimes can come off as a little self involved. For this role we would love someone who isn’t scared to push the boundaries and really get into the mind of Sally.
Sally is a soprano part and we are looking for a female aged 16+ to play her.
Key personality traits: bossy, cute, perky, loud, complains a lot, Charlie Brown’s little sister.

Linus Van Pelt (casting gender blind, any age): Linus is super smart for his age but he always believes anything his big sister Lucy tells him, he shows his young age by still sucking his thumb and being attached to his comfort blanket (and even has a whole song about it). We are looking for someone who can show both Linus’s childish side but can also portray his smarts too.
Linus is a baritone and we are casting this role gender blind aged 16+.
Key personality traits: sweet, curious, old soul, reserved, little brother to Lucy.

Schroeder (casting gender blind, any age): Schroeder is a lover of all things classical music and is completely obsessed with Beethoven. He’s so focused on his music he barely notices Lucy falling in love with him! We are looking for someone who can show off Schroeder’s kind side but also his funny side.
Schroeder is a tenor part which we are casting gender blind to anyone 16+.
Key personality traits: Passionate, intelligent, driven, dedicated, unaware of Lucy’s love for him.

Understudy/Swing (gender blind, any age): We will also be casting 2 people to be a swing for 3 parts each. This is a big task but you will be fully supported by the crew. We have decided to do this incase one of the cast members gets infected with covid-19 or is a close contact of someone with Covid-19 and has to quarantine. This is an unprecedented time in theatre so we are taking every precaution we can.
For these roles we are looking for people who are passionate and willing to take on 3 roles at once.
What we are looking for: Any singing range will do, ages 18+, good memory, willingness to learn and hard working.


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