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Apr 10 2017 | By More

Grassmarket Projects Crowdfunding for fringe

Grassmarket Projects is crowdfunding the costs of hiring a venue to stage Doglife, the second part of the Doubting Thomas Trilogy, at the 2017 fringe.

The company is hoping to raise £3,000, which will fund the venue hire and expenses for the performers. After an initial period, it now has until May 14 to raise the money:

Thomas McCrudden. Pic Grassmarket Projects

Doglife will develop the story and themes expressed in Doubting Thomas, the true story of one man’s personal struggle to change from a tortured and violent past to a better, more hopeful future.

The critically acclaimed play was first performed at the fringe in 2016. It is an intricate study of those who society fears the most, discovering that they are actually the ones who are often most filled with fear themselves: lost, forgotten and desperate for acceptance.

Doubting Thomas is based on the life of Thomas McCrudden, a former gangland enforcer in Glasgow’s East End. McCrudden himself stars in the title role supported by a cast of untrained actors, who in turn reveal moments from their own experiences in prison that have shaped their lives and influenced their own personal journeys on the road to redemption.


In Doglife, the company will again be working with a cast of up to nine untrained actors who will help tell Thomas’ continuing story, as well as contributing further dramatised accounts from their own life experiences.

The company said: “The opportunity to put on another play at this year’s festival, especially one which has so much scope for social change, is something that we’re passionately working towards. However small the donation, we would be very grateful for your support.”

Grassmarket Projects is a performance company based in Edinburgh which works with marginalised groups to create theatre based on people’s real life experiences. The company works specifically with untrained actors who perform their own stories live on stage.

The Doglife Crowdfunding page is here:

Grassmarket Projects website:

Grassmarket Projects on Facebook: grassmarketprojects

Grassmarket Projects on Twitter: @GrassmarketPro


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