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Nov 3 2017 | By More

Extra 10 days to take survey into staffing at EdFringe venues

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has extended the time available to fill in its survey into staffing in Edinburgh fringe venues until Friday 10 November 2017.

The survey was instigated by the Fringe Society to develop a detailed picture of the working lives of the many individuals who make the festival happen – from front of house, bar staff and security to venue operational staff, publicists and flyering staff. Click here to access it.

Fringe Staff. Pic: Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

A spokesman for the Society told Æ that the anonymous survey has had a very positive take-up so far but that it is being extended to: “give people as much opportunity as possible to respond”.

It is being run by Edinburgh-based Cultural Republic on behalf of the fringe. Only anonymised and aggregate data will be shared with the society and used in reports.

According to the Fringe, “the data collected will be used to inform our ongoing consultation with venues about Fringe venue staffing, and ultimately help us ensure the Fringe works for everyone involved.”

The survey is open to anyone who worked or volunteered in any capacity in an Edfringe accredited venue during the Edinburgh Fringes of 2016 and 2017.

open access

The Edinburgh fringe is run on an open access basis. Anyone can register a venue in Edinburgh to be part of the fringe and, on payment of the appropriate fee, add productions to the fringe programme.

In August this year the Unite union and Better than Zero launched the Fair Fringe campaign which seeks to improve the wages and working conditions of the staff.

Its ten-point charter says that those running venues should:

  • Pay workers the real living wage;
  • Give workers rest breaks;
  • Equal pay for young workers;
  • Minimum hour contracts for workers;
  • Adopt clear policies which prevent sexual harassment;
  • Paid transport after 12am;
  • Consult workers on rota changes;
  • Ensure 100% of tips are paid to workers;
  • Allow Trade Union access to represent and organise staff.

In August the Edinburgh council voted to support the Fair Fringe Campaign’s charter in a motion which called for a report ahead of the planning stages of the 2018 summer Festivals and Fringe.

The report should examine: “how the ten aims of the charter can best be promoted and adhered to by employers hiring council owned Festival and Fringe venues for the purposes for running Fringe events and hosting food and beverage venues.

“The report should examine which conditions could be attached to Council grant funding to further these aims”.

The EdFringe survey can be accessed here: https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=150522919816.


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