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Apr 14 2021 | By More

EdFringe adds Fringe Player & opens registration May 5

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has announced that show registration for the 2021 fringe will open on May 5 and that participants can use a new Fringe Player to share productions online.

The Society has confirmed that EdFringe 2021 will run from Friday 6 to Monday 30 August, with preparations being made so that the event can go ahead whether performances are live in-person or online.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society’s shop on the High Street. July 2020. Pic: Thom Dibdin

The Society says that its digital infrastructure will support whichever online platforms best suit participants’ work and that it is developing a Fringe Player video platform for venues and companies to use if they wish.

Registration fees have been cut to 75% of previous years meaning that registration will be £72 for a one or two performance show; £153 for three to five performances; and £221.40 for six or more performances.

Following several years of prevarication, the Society has also decided to ditch its printed programme, meaning that there will be no rush to register in time for the printed programme deadline.

as strong a return as possible

A spokesperson for the Society said: “In recognition of the past year’s difficulty and to help Fringe participants make as strong a return as possible, we are offering a 25% reduction across all tiers for 2021 only, with identical fees for online and in-person registration.

“Now more than ever, Fringe artists and companies need the advice, support and guidance of the Fringe Society and we will be there every step of the way. We learned in 2020 that shows, venues and audiences all require flexible information, box office and listings services to help them find each other.”

Tickets for EdFringe 2021 will be available through https://www.edfringe.com from early Summer. The Society offers refunds on registration fees up to the point a show goes on sale. In practical terms, this means you can hold off putting your show on sale until you know it can definitely go ahead, and claim a refund if it can’t.

social distancing

How EdFringe 2021 will appear is not yet clear. The Scottish government has said that it expects events to be able to take place indoors with a maximum of 400 audience members. However it has not made any significant statement regarding social distancing – for audiences, performers or back stage staff.

Society chief executive Shona McCarthy said: “We’re delighted to be able to open registration for 2021. Of course, we’re still very much in planning mode as we await further updates from the Scottish Government, but this feels like a hugely positive step in the right direction.”

While Covid has forced the Society’s hand on these developments, it appears that it will be ensuring that they work for it in the future, keeping it in the centre of the international fringe ecology, even as debates on over-tourism in Edinburgh over the August festival period continue.

McCarthy added: “Through the work being created across the various digital platforms, including the Fringe Player, artists have a brilliant opportunity to reach audiences and communities all over the world.

“I look forward to seeing how our Fringe creatives use these platforms in 2021 and beyond.”


Further details on the EdFringe Website: https://www.edfringe.com
Specific questions about registration can be sent directly to the Society. Either email registration@edfringe.com, or call +44 (0)131 226 0034.


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