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Sep 11 2018 | By More

​Edinburgh Multilingual Stories​ Festival seeks input

Theatre Sans Accents, Bilingualism Matters and the Polish Cultural Festival Association are looking for paid external input to their new Multilingual Stories​ Festival, taking place autumn 2018 at Assembly Roxy.

The organisations are looking for four arts practitioners based in Edinburgh (at an EH postcode) to deliver a series of talks that challenge the concept of multilingualism in their art-form. Application deadline is Friday 14 September 2018.

Theatre Sans Accents logoThe places are open to non-native English speakers, native English speakers who speak fluently in other languages and sign language speakers.

Running from Friday 30 November to Sunday 2 December 2018 the Multilingual Stories​ Festival will contain a programme of workshops, talks, performances, concerts, mini food festival and other events, aiming to showcase and empower Edinburgh’s various vibrant artistic and cultural talents.

The festival will provide a space and a platform for artists of all backgrounds and horizons in Edinburgh to express themselves as well as to celebrate their belonging to the Edinburgh community.

The organisers are looking to commission four artists across four art forms: dance, theatre, visual arts and theatre, to deliver one hour workshops with schools and communities in Edinburgh and the Greater Edinburgh area over 6 weeks (October/November) to explore and challenge their conceptions of bilingualism in their art-forms.

work in progress

Each artist will then present their findings in the form of a work in progress during the festival. Thanks to Awards for All funding, a fee of £1,000 per artist is being offered for the whole commission, which will involve the workshops, development, performance and expenses.

The organisations are also looking for people interested in running or creating events during the festival. These have not attracted any funding at the moment.

The organisers are also looking for collaborators and contributors who would like to run events during the daytime on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December which relate to the multilingual theme of the festival. These will be  of about an hour, or up to a maximum of two hours.

Daytime events

According to the organisers: “We are open to all suggestions as long as it is relevant, whether it is a conversation, poetry reading, work in progress, performance, music, children workshops and activities, arts & crafts, storytelling, interactive, site specific…

“The Assembly Roxy building will be our home for the weekend, so if you have something in mind you’d like to try, let us know!”

Deadline for events applications is Sunday 30 September 2018. All applicants for the artist commissions and events should be over 18.

Further details of the festival, more about the commissions and how to apply are available on the Theatre Sans Accents website: or email:


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