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Nov 20 2012 | By More

Council launches survey on Edinburgh’s venues

Leith Theatre

The council is seeking views on venues over 200 capacity, including Leith Theatre.

Thom Dibdin

Edinburgh council is canvassing the opinions of residents and cultural providers on its priorities for future investment in its cultural infrastructure, including the Church Hill Theatre.

Using an online Surveymonkey poll the council’s culture and sports division intends to gather opinions about venues in Edinburgh with a capacity of over 200. It will use this information to guide its future plans.

According to Rebecca Peppiette writing on the council’s website: “Information received will help us update the list of potential projects listed in the Edinburgh City Cultural Venues Study (Appendix 3 of the Executive Summary page xiii) and will provide us with useful evidence in a challenging economic environment.”

The final date for responding is Friday 23 November 2012.

The Venues study is a document which went before the CEC culture and leisure committee at its May 2009 meeting. The referenced page highlights ongoing projects in Edinburgh which were perceived as “potentially filling gaps in provision”.

These include several projects – such as the Assembly Rooms, Usher Hall, Royal Museum and  Tattoo seating – which have subsequently come to fruition. It also mentions such projects as the development of the Queen’s Hall which have not been successfully funded, and others such as a multi-use venue at the Waterfront which have long disappeared from view.

Details of the survey have already been sent to a wide number of cultural providers in the city. The council say it is trying to “get as wide a response as possible” and is looking for responses from any organisation or individual who has an interest in the outcome.

A pdf of the Edinburgh City Cultural Venues Study is downloadable here
The Surveymonkey poll is accessible here: www.surveymonkey.com
Further details of the consultation are available on the council website here:  www.edinburgh.gov.uk

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  1. Susan Wales says:

    Have you featured this in lieu of a piece about the SCDA Script Library being given notice to quit?

  2. Thom Dibdin says:

    Not at all Susan!

  3. Susan Wales says:

    Just done the survey, I hope more folk will have done as well. If you hear what, if any, use is being made of it do please let us know.