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Grads post open auditions for two plays

Edinburgh amateur company The Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group has posted notices of open auditions for its two EdFringe productions: crackers by company member cmfwood and Shakers by John Godber and Jane Thornton.

Claire Wood will be directing crackers, with Hillary Spiers at the helm for Shakers. There will be a table read of both scripts on Tue 18 April at 7.30pm, followed by auditions on Sun 23 April (2.30pm) and Mon 24 April (7.30pm). The table read and auditions are open to anyone who is interested in auditioning for either play.

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Both plays will run at the Royal Scots Club for the first week of the Edinburgh Fringe 2023 – Mon 7 – Sat 12 August. crackers will be the early evening performance at 6.45pm, with Shakers playing at 9pm. The table reads and the auditions will all be held at the EGTG Rehearsal Rooms, 18 Buccleuch Place.

The company is also looking for people who are interested in backstage roles in these productions. There are openings for for set dressers, costume designers, prompts and the like.


Synopsis: Will is a GP, working tirelessly in one of Scotland’s Deep End practices. When a patient informs him that her son took his own life following an appointment with Will, his world starts to crumble. His wife Mhairi continues to campaign for better treatment of mental ill- health from the NHS. And their teenage daughter Lyra has a secret of her own. When Will’s best friend turns up out of the blue, secrets come out with the saké and things will never be the same again.

crackers cast: The play has roles for four male, nine female and one role of any gender. There is the possibility of some doubling.

Will (M) – a GP. Playing age: 40s / 50s. Super smart, dedicated to his job, loves his family completely.
Mhairi (F) – Will’s wife, a teacher. Playing age: 40s / 50s. Endlessly kind.
Lyra (F) Will and Mhairi’s daughter. Playing age: 17 / 18. Finishing school and terrified of the change.
Cherry (F). Lyra’s girlfriend. Playing age: 17 / 18. Can’t wait to start adult life.
Young Lyra (F). Playing age: 11 / 12. Curious. Anxious.
Imogen (F) Will’s friend. Playing age: 40s / 50s. An adventurer. Dreads settling.
Faith (F) Ben’s mum. Playing age: 30s / 40s / 50s. Values justice.
Kathleen (F) A support worker. Playing age: 50s / 60s. Pottering along.
Josh (F) A teacher. Playing age: 30s / 40s / 50s. Loves the wrong person.
Ernie (M) A teacher. Playing age: 50s / 60s / 70s.
Patient 1 (any gender). Playing age: 30s / 40s, a veteran.
Patient 2 (F). Playing age: 50s / 60s / 70s.
Patient 3 (M). Playing age: 50s / 60s / 70s.
Interviewer (F). Playing age: Not specified.


Synopsis: It’s Edinburgh in the 1980s. High unemployment, rubbish working conditions and rampant sexism. Sound familiar? Meet Adele, Carole, Mel and Nicky, four waitresses at the Shakers cocktail bar. Playing a multitude of different characters – customers, checkout girls, lads out on a spree, lecherous media types and more– the girls lay bare the desperation underneath their cheerful public faces. Fast-moving, by turns hilarious and tragic, punctuated by music of the time, the play highlights how little the lives of women and those struggling to get by have changed over the decades.

Shakers cast: Four female performers, ideally with Scottish accents. All play multiple parts, both women and men with a wide range of accents.

Adele: Slightly naïve, aims to please, about to get engaged and hasn’t told her bloke about having an abortion before she met him.
Carol: Better educated and older than the others, sort of ‘mother hen’, bitter.
Mel: Bolshie, opinionated, stands no nonsense, loves her mum, has a dodgy boyfriend.
Nicky: Wannabe actress, desperate to get away, caves into the boss to wear shorts in the bar.

Other information

Rehearsals will start towards the end of May and will take place in EGTG’s rehearsal rooms, 18 Buccleuch Place. Rehearsals will be three times a week – traditionally Tue, Thu evenings, and Sun afternoons – and will be arranged around cast availability.

All cast members are required to be members of EGTG to participate. Membership costs £25 for one year. Failure to pay the membership fee within fifteen days of being cast could result in your part being re-cast.

Listings & Links

Table read
EGTG Rehearsal Rooms, 18 Buccleuch Place EH8 9LN
Tuesday 18 April 2023.
Evening: 7.30pm.
Contact EGTG for further details: email EGTG

Auditions for both plays
EGTG Rehearsal Rooms, 18 Buccleuch Place EH8 9LN
Sun 23 Apr, 2.30pm. Mon 24 Apr, 7.30pm.
Contact EGTG for further details: email EGTG

The Royal Scots Club (Hepburn Suite), 29-31 Abercromby Place, EH3 6QE
Mon 7 – Sat 12 Aug 2023
Evenings: 6.45pm
Tickets and details: Coming soon.

The Royal Scots Club (Hepburn Suite), 29-31 Abercromby Place, EH3 6QE
Mon 7 – Sat 12 Aug 2023
Evenings: 9pm.
Tickets and details: Coming soon.

EGTG Website:
Facebook: @edingrads
Twitter: @TheGrads


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