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Mar 25 2017 | By More

Open casting call for #EdFringe production

Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group has put out an open casting call for its Edinburgh fringe 2017 production of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s Company.

Auditions for the show will take place from Thursday 30 March to Saturday 1 April at the Pleasance. The production will run in St. Augustine’s on George IV Bridge, Friday 4 to Saturday 12 August 2017 at 9.30pm, nightly.

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Producer Sally Pendleton told Æ: “We’re aiming to throw the net as wide as possible for the Fringe, going outside the usual musical theatre faces to reach out to people who may not have heard of Eusog or the auditions.”

Eusog’s EdFringe production for 2016, Spring Awakening, had a few people involved who weren’t at University but simply working in Edinburgh. The company wants to continue the trend.

“We’re looking for a dynamic cast to play the array of vibrant, neurotic and compelling characters in varied states of married (and unmarried) life,” Pendleton adds.

“The show is a brilliant opportunity for actors, singers and dancers to perform at the Fringe, with each and every role featuring comedic and dramatic moments. Eusog is a welcoming group and we look forward to fostering new talent and working towards another successful Fringe.”

hilarious yet poignant

Debuting on Broadway in 1970, the original production was nominated for a record-setting fourteen Tony Awards and won six. Company is a hilarious yet poignant concept musical which introduces Robert and his vibrant group of friends, through whom he and the audience examine the benefits and drawbacks of marital life.

Sondheim’s masterful score is fresh and romantic and, alongside Furth’s comedic and energetic book, allows for colourful interpretation. With the songs stylistically disconnected from the action, they reveal the characters’ inner thoughts as they question being alive and if all you need is company.

The production will be directed by Grace Dickson with Sam Coade as musical director and Will Briant assistant director and MD. The audition will consist of singing a song acapella and performing a monologue. Full details of the auditions and the chosen monologues are here. Anyone wishing to audition should email producer Sally Pendleton to book an audition slot.


EUSOG open auditions for Company
60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ
Thursday 30 March – Saturday 1 April 2017.
Thurs 30: 2-6pm; Fri 31: 6.30-11pm; Sat 1 April: 11-7pm.
Callbacks: Sunday 2 April, 12 noon – 6pm.
Email Sally at with full name and preferred audition time to book an audition slot.
Auditions Facebook Event Page:
Download link for audition pack (pdf):

Paradise in Augustines (Venue 152), 41 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EL
Friday 4 – Saturday 12 August 2017
Daily: 9.30pm (2 h 15).
Company Facebook page: eusavoy

Click on the images below to purchase the script and soundtrack from Amazon:

Eusog website:
Eusog on Facebook: eusavoy.
Eusog on Twitter: @EUSOG.

Cast Details

There are 14 characters in total – 8 female roles, and 6 male roles.

No character is a small character – each role has some solo singing and at least one significant scene. The two notably larger roles are Robert and Joanne.

ROBERT (tenor): Robert acts as the eyes of the audience as he examines the relationships around him. Terrified of being alone, the thought of marriage scares him so he remains at a safe emotional distance from those around him. Intelligent, affable, cheery, self-confident and at ease in every situation.
LARRY (baritone): Joanne’s husband. Fairly stoic and grounded, but has goofy impulses with a lack of self-consciousness that can be both charming and embarrassing.
DAVID (baritone): Jenny’s husband. Relaxed, affable and avidly middle class. Likes to feel in control, but is often manipulated by his wife.
PAUL (tenor): Amy’s fiancé. Very sweet and loving, but mildly clingy to Amy, who he adores. Excited to join the institution of marriage, and is very patient and generous towards his neurotic fiancée.
HARRY (baritone): Sarah’s husband. An alcoholic attempting to stay on the wagon, alongside his wife. Very competitive, their constant verbal sparring can turn physical. An unenthusiastic teetotaller but is very honest about it.
PETER (baritone): Susan’s husband. Ivy League graduate who has a seemingly picture-perfect marriage. In previous scripts, it has been left ambiguous whether Peter is in fact gay.

JOANNE – (alto): Larry’s wife; her third, or fourth, marriage. Appears acerbic, brassy, and she keeps her guard. Very rich and not afraid to tell people about it; however, in a showstopping number, while drunk, she criticises her own lifestyle and exposes her hidden vulnerabilities. Joanne’s playing age is slightly older – approx. 40.
JENNY (soprano): David’s wife. Sweet, playful, smart and square. Seemingly conservative and relatively obedient, however is subtly manipulative and knows how to get what she wants.
AMY (alto): Paul’s fiancée. Rather neurotic and over-analytical, joking about suicide. Sweet, funny and sarcastic. Her number Getting Married Today is Sondheim’s most famous patter and very, very fast.
SARAH (alto): Harry’s wife. A former foodie, has restricted herself to a very strict diet, which has turned her into a food voyeur. Constantly criticising Harry, her new hobby of karate initiates a physical fight.
SUSAN (soprano): Peter’s wife. An affectionate and motherly Southern belle, who appears to be the perfect wife. She and Peter function as a married couple – but more so once their divorce is finalised. Sweet, and always strives to make a good first impression.
APRIL (soprano): Robert’s girlfriend. A flight attendant from Ohio. Very sweet, thoughtful and self-deprecating. Labels herself “dumb” – she tried to move to Radio City but once discovering it wasn’t a place. Profound despite being unintellectual.
MARTA (mezzo): Robert’s girlfriend. Streetwise, magnetic and obsessed with New York. Has an opinion about everything. Wants to be a New York socialite. Robert is attracted to how cool, hip and fashion-forward she is; a breath of fresh air.
KATHY (mezzo): Robert’s ex-girlfriend. Sweet, genuine and kind – but tired of living in the busy city. Has now found love back home; Always expected Bobby to propose, but became tired of waiting.


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