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Jul 6 2022 | By More

Danish company seeks non-speaking role for Fringe

Danish company Fix&Foxy is looking for an actor to take on the non-speaking (but paid) role of an extra in its production of Rocky!, running at the Zoo from 5 to 20 August.

There are no requirements in terms of physical appearance, age or gender for the role, but the performer must be comfortable around the human body. Anyone interested should contact Carol Hayes by Wednesday 13 July 2022.

A scene from Rocky!. Pic Fix&Foxy

The Copenhagen-based Fix&Foxy is quite a big deal in Denmark and is starting to make a lot of really good work internationally.

About the performance:

“An artist retells the story of Rocky Balboa, the likeable character from the movie classic Rocky. But while he is narrating the story it starts to shift; mixing reality and fiction.

“Unlike the likeable loser who rises against all odds to triumph, this Rocky doesn’t settle for winning a boxing match. He becomes a right wing extremist and participates in violent protests, he educates himself, becomes a politician and wins and election. The artist watches this with growing unease and frustration, as Rocky beats him into submission.

The play takes the form of a monologue that combines the slow disintegration of the original story with nightmare-like images interjected into the storytelling.

The extra will appear on stage dressed as a slaughterhouse worker. They will clean up the artist who has poured paint over himself.

The show will play at Zoo Southside at 17:55 from Friday 5 to Saturday 20 August 2022 (no shows on Weds 10, Tue 16).

Fix&Foxy say of themselves: “We are a Copenhagen based international theatre company. Our works are driven by curiosity and a desire to create complex narratives through playful, entertaining and easily accessible formats while challenging our prejudices – our presumptions and misconceptions about ourselves and the world around us.”

Email Carol Hayes on carol.hayes1@gmail.com for details. Deadline Wednesday 13 July 2022.

Fix&Foxy Website: https://fixfoxy.com/en/
Fix&Foxy Facebook (Danish): @fixandfoxy

Rocky! details on the EdFringe site: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/rocky


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