Forbidden Planet Open Call

Feb 25 2019 | By More

ELT to Return to Forbidden Planet in June

Edinburgh Little Theatre has put out an open call for auditions for its June 2019 production of the Olivier award-winning classic Shakespearean Rock’n’Roll musical Return to the Forbidden Planet.

The amateur company is looking for principals and chorus, as well as musicians for the on-stage band and actor/musicians who would be comfortable at both playing instruments and taking on a principal role.

Publicity image for original production.

Initial auditions will be held on Wednesday 27 February at ALT’s base at 19 Arthur Street from 6pm until 10pm. To register your interest and request an audition slot please fill in the company audition form (see below).

Rehearsals will be every Wednesday from 6-10pm with the show run on the week beginning Monday June 20 2019.

The jukebox musical is based upon the 1950’s sci-fi B-movie Forbidden Planet, itself based upon Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

A rocket ship, piloted by Captain Tempest is caught in a meteor shower and crash lands on the hitherto unchartered planet D’Illyria. Upon their arrival the crew meet the planet’s only inhabitants, Prospero, his daughter Miranda, and their robot servant Ariel.

The ensemble will play the part of the ships crew, welcoming audience members as passengers upon the ship and remaining in character throughout the show. They will also form the dance chorus, performing a number of 50’s and 60’s style dances throughout the show and providing basic backing singing for the larger numbers.

Audition details

Auditions for the ensemble will take the form of a basic singing test using a song of the auditionee’s choice. There will then be a simple choreographed routine which will be taught on the day of the audition and which will be performed either in pairs or as a group.

Auditions for all principal roles will take the form of a Shakespearean monologue of the auditionee’s choosing, to a maximum of 3 minutes (soliloquy, speech or sonnet), and a song relevant to the character being auditioned for (see audition pack). For roles where some dancing is required, dance auditions will take place as part of the call-back.

Audition Pack:  Download/access here.
Audition form: Fill in here.

ELT Facebook page: @Edinburgh-Little-Theatre-743448389183532 

Character Descriptions

Captain Tempest (M, playing age 30-45): Standard 1950’s leading man/hearthrob.

Prospero (M, 35-55) Genius scientist and father to Miranda. Brilliant, but untrusting of others. After years of isolation he cares only for his daughter and his work.

Miranda (F, 16 – 20): Naive and innocent daughter of Prospero. Due to her age when they crash-landed, she has no real recollection of people other than her father and Ariel the robot.

Ariel (Gender neutral, age undefined): Robot creation of Prospero, and guardian/servant to him and Miranda. Kind hearted and protective. Must be able to roller-skate/rollerblade.

Gloria (F, 35-50): Science officer and ex-wife of Prospero. Fiercely independent and fighting to make her female voice be heard and respected in a male dominated world.

Boson (M, 30-50): First officer of the ship. Tempest’s right-hand man. By no means a ladies man. Basic simple dancing required

Cookie (M, 18-25) Youngest member of the crew. The ship’s cook. Naive. Inexperienced. Especially with women. Some dancing required

Navigation officer (F, 20 – 30): Experienced member of the crew.

Newscaster (Gender neutral) Pre-recorded on-screen speeches at the start and end of each act in the style of a 1950’s newscaster. No singing required.

The original soundtrack and movie on which the musical is based are available from Amazon. Click images for details:


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