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Feb 28 2017 | By More
Open audition call for two #EdFringe shows

The Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group has put out an open audition call for its two 2017 Edinburgh fringe shows: Ben Jonson’s Volpone and new play beauty by Clare Wood.

Auditions for these amateur shows will be held at the Grads rehearsal space at 18 Buccleuch Place, EH8 9LN on Wednesday 29 March 2017, from 7pm and Sunday 2 April from 2pm. Auditionees should attend only one of the sessions. Both shows will run Monday 7 to Saturday 12 August 2017.

There are 23 roles up for grabs – 16 in Volpone and seven in beauty, with playing ages ranging from three teenagers in beauty to confused Judges who are at least in their sixties in Volpone. And, it would seem, everything in between.

The Grads are keen to point out that there are no age restrictions for auditionees. But, as any production involving under 18 year olds now needs to get a licence from Edinburgh Council, any successful under 18s cast will need to fill out some paperwork. The company’s child protection policy is available on request.

Volpone by Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson’s Volpone will be the early evening production from the company, starting at 6.30pm. It is being presented in a new adaptation by Martin Foreman, who also directs. This is set in the nineteenth century and is rewritten in the language of the time with several traditionally male characters now women

Wealthy Volpone, helped by his servant Mosca, convinces the rich citizens of Venice that he is dying –  prompting them to shower him with gifts in order to become his sole heir. Buoyed by their success, the pair persuade merchant Corvino to offer his beautiful wife to bring Volpone back to health. Meanwhile three English tourists get involved in the tricksters’ schemes.

“This rollicking comedy confirms that greed, dishonesty and cunning are not confined to men alone,” according to the Grads. “Will justice be served in the end?”.

beauty by Claire Wood

The late evening production, starting at 9pm, has the working title of beauty and is a new work written and directed by Claire Wood.

Photographer Ty, no longer the enfant terrible of the London art scene he once was, has retired to the Perthshire countryside with his girlfriend. When he starts photographing teenagers in an attempt to capture the perfect image of beauty, the media get wind of his plans. His girlfriend senses trouble but his agent doesn’t care as long as he delivers the pictures on time.

“Art, celebrity and censorship collide with disturbing consequences,” say the Grads. “What price freedom? What price fame? And what price must we ultimately pay for love?”.

All cast members will need to join the group for insurance purposes, with membership at £25 for the calendar year. Rehearsals will be three times a week from the middle of May. Audition sides are available through the event facebook page or Grads’ website:


Auditions for Volpone and Beauty
The Grads Rehearsal Rooms, 18 Buccleuch Place, EH8 9LN
Wednesday 29 March from 7pm & Sunday 2 April 2pm.
Event facebook page: The Grads Fringe Auditions.

The Royal Scots Club (Venue 241), 29-31 Abercromby Place, EH3 6QE
Monday 7 – Saturday 12 August 2017, 6:30pm.
Tickets will be available from the Grads website:

The Royal Scots Club (Venue 241), 29-31 Abercromby Place, EH3 6QE
Monday 7 – Saturday 12 August 2017, 9pm.
Tickets will be available from the Grads website:

Volpone cast details:

Mosca, a maidservant. Female 25 – 40 cunning, energetic, cynical
Volpone, a wealthy man. Male 40 – 60 chameleon (various accents & looks)
Voltore, an advocate. Male 40+ serious, establishment figure
Corvino, a merchant. Male 30 – 40 unpleasant, aggressive, insecure
Corbaccia, a wealthy lady. Female 65+ doddery, greedy
Sir Politick Would-Be, an English knight. Male 40 – 60 pompous, stupid
Lady Would-Be, his English wife. Female 30 – 50 vain, overbearing
Perigrine, an English gentleman. Male 18 – 25 self-confident, slightly arrogant
Celia, Corvino’s wife. Female 20 – 30 shy, innocent
Bonario, Corbaccio’s son. Male 20 – 30 upright, slightly boring

1st Judge & Labourer. Male or female, 35+, efficient (as judge).
2nd Judge & Labourer. Male or female, 60+ confused (as judge)
3rd Judge & Fake Judge 1. Male or female, 50+ bored (as judge)
Notary & Fake Judge 2. Male 35+ competent (as notary)
Maidservant. Female 25+ maybe shy, maybe not
Officer-at-arm & Fake Judge 3. Male 30+ typical policeman (as officer)

beauty cast details

Ty Photographer. Charismatic, charming, self-obsessed and extremely focused on his art. 40s or 50s.
Heloise His wife. French, actress / model, elegant, likes attention, loves Ty, used to the world seeing the worst. 30s or 40s. Looks amazing for her age. Can sing.
Justine Journalist. Late 30s or 40s. Single mum. Once a successful journalist but now scrabbling for a story. Poses as the mother of one of the teenage models to gain entry to Ty’s house. Slightly crumpled by life.
Callum Ty’s agent. Bumbled into his career when he wasn’t good enough to be an artist. Not the most practical of men, he enjoys the glamour rather than the effort of his job. (Needs to be same age or older than Ty.)
Tiffany Ty’s model. 14. Born and bred stage school. Sings brilliantly. Extremely accomplished but perhaps her soul is hollow.
Ruby Ty’s model. 16. An ordinary teenager. Wants to be famous, whatever it takes. Also sings.
Brad Ty’s model. 16. Street smart because he has to be. Very popular with the ladies. Out for a laugh.


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