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Jul 6 2018 | By More

Pop goes from musical

Peggy Lark’s American company has lost an actor from its six-strong cast and needs to recast the role of Pop in its EdFringe 2018 musical Highland Seranade.

The role is paid and Lark is looking for an Edinburgh-based actor who can portray a “gruff old salt” with an American accent. She says they need not be a great singer.

A pretty naff image for a Highland Musical.According to its EdFringe listing, the show concerns a retired US naval officer has relocated his family to the Highlands of Scotland.

“The story deals with the universal feuds of inheritance, sibling rivalry, a crack at America’s Got Talent and how each member of the family deals with the passing of a loved one. With original Broadway and West End music, an unexpected twist at the end ensues.”

In the original casting call, Pop is described as 50s up: “A gruff old salt;  may almost talk his solo a la Rex Harrison; in a wheelchair;  American accent a plus, but not necessary.”

The hour-long show is playing the Paradise in Augustines Sanctuary (venue 152) for 13 dates, opening Monday 13 August and running to Saturday 26 August 2018 at 4.55pm with no show on Sunday.

Contact Peggy Lark on mariaandsocks@gmail.com or phone 07881 558556 for further details.


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