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Jul 9 2012 | By More

EdFringe review site adds Android app and solicits for pics

By Thom Dibdin

The home page of FringeGuru’s iFringe app

The home page of FringeGuru’s iFringe app

iFringe, the Edinburgh fringe review aggregation and listings site run by Fringe Guru, has added an Android app to its existing iPhone app. It is also offering all fringe companies free space for a picture to accompany their basic listings on both apps.

The addition of the Android app means that the two leading smartphone apps for the Edinburgh fringe, iPhone and the Edinburgh Fringe official app, are now available in both iPhone and Android versions.

Richard Stamp of Fringe Guru told the Annals that giving every show the opportunity to add a banner picture to their listing is about levelling the playing field at the fringe.

“With iFringe, we’re keen to help everyone – not just the big well-funded acts, but the little ones too – show themselves off to their full potential.” he said. “Everyone who’s listed in the Fringe programme already has a page in the app. Now everyone can send in a free banner to brighten up their page, whether it’s a production shot, a publicity image, or some quotes from past reviews. It’s great for the shows but it’s good for our users too, and it’s fun to see such a variety of images while you’re browsing through the app.”

iFringe has also offered a free advert during July on its basic website for all for companies running crowd-funding campaigns to bring their productions to Edinburgh. The advert should be just for the funding campaign, not for the show itself, and details are on the Fringe Guru website.

Stamp explained: “Lots of shows now are turning to crowd-funding to help bring their work to Edinburgh – whether that’s through well-known websites like WeFund, or just by asking their fans to send supplies of Post-It notes. We admire that spirit of innovation, and to help the campaigns along, we wanted to try something new of our own. It’s an experiment and we’ll just have to see how it goes, but we’re hoping in a small way to show our support for all the exciting projects heading our way in August.

The iFringe Android app is available at: play.google.com
Further information on supplying a banner picture to iFringe is here: www.iFringe.co.uk
Information on the free advert for crowd-funding companies is at: www.FringeGuru.com.



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