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Guest review by Charlie Tonner, age 7.

Southside Community Centre: Thurs 14 – Sat 17 May 2015

Bounce is different because it’s in a bouncy castle. I have never seen a show where you can bounce. I liked being able to jump.

The performers were good at copying one another; they did the same things at the same time.

Lou Brodie presents Bounce. Photo: Euan Robertson.

Lou Brodie presents Bounce. Photo: Euan Robertson.

I think they were meant to be dinosaurs – their costumes were colourful and had balloons on them. They also had spikes down their backs so that you knew they were dinosaurs.

I wasn’t sure what the story was about but it didn’t matter because I enjoyed it and you don’t always have to understand things to enjoy them. It was funny.

I liked the sounds, they were clever because they were in the walls of the bouncy castle. I think Lou (the director) was hiding behind the wall and speaking into a microphone.

I wanted to bounce in the middle of the show because I missed bouncing.


I didn’t like that I didn’t get to bounce with the adults – I wanted us all to bounce together.

I think we maybe needed seatbelts when we were sitting down?

Charlie puts play into practice. Photo Heather Marshall

Charlie puts play into practice. Photo Heather Marshall

One change I would make is that I’d like it if they gave everyone a balloon from their costume and blew it up and we could all play with them together and take the balloon home to remember Bounce.

Charlie is a seven year old artist and play specialist. He is currently creating Sometimes Words Get Stuck, which has been commissioned by Imaginate. The show is about the times Charlie and his Auntie Heather have found it difficult to speak.

Running time 40 minutes
Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St, EH8 9ER
Thursday 14 – Saturday 17 May 2015, as part of Imaginate, and on schools tour.
Details on Imaginate website:


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