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Mar 6 2017 | By More

Macbeth Kills The Duchess Open Auditions

New Edinburgh-based amateur company BIGHEAD Theatre will hold open auditions this weekend, 10-12 March, for its #EdFringe 2017 production of Macbeth Kills the Duchess.

Written by Charlie Ralph, Macbeth Kills The Duchess is a six hander which will be staged at TheSpace @ Niddry Street from Monday 14 to Saturday 26 August 2017, with curtain-up at 1:15pm.

The company is looking to cast three male and three female roles, with actors’ playing ages between 17 and 26. The plot revolves around five young people who attempt to carry out an ill-conceived plan to murder a minor member of the British royal family in order to inspire an anti-monarchy revolution – supposedly influenced by the works of William Shakespeare.

Charlie Ralph told Æ: “The show is a pitch black comedy about our generation and our attitudes towards class warfare. It also features lots of opportunities for actors to stretch their range, with every role featuring lots of comedic and dramatic moments.”

Auditions will take place this Friday 10 and Saturday 11 March, 2017, at the David Hume Tower, George Square, running 2pm – 5pm on both dates. An extra date has now been added, on Sunday 12 March, noon-2pm.  Callbacks will be on Tuesday 14 March.

Full audition details are on the Facebook Event Page where there is an audition pack download and online form to book an audition slot. Booking an audition slot can also be done by emailing with full name and preferred audition time.

Listings & Links

Macbeth Kills The Duchess Open Auditions
David Hume Tower, George Square, EH8 9JX
Friday 10 – Sunday March, 2017
Fri/Sat: 2pm to 5pm; Sun: 12 noo to 2pm.
Email with full name and preferred audition time to book an audition slot.

Auditions Facebook Event Page:

Download link for audition pack (pdf):

Macbeth Kills The Duchess
TheSpace @ Niddry Street (Venue 9), Niddry Street, EH1 1TH.
Monday 14 – Saturday 25 August 2017
Daily: 1.15pm (1 hour).

Show Facebook page: MacbethKills

Cast details

Macbeth (female): An uptight, deluded young woman convinced of her own status as a political revolutionary. The self-appointed leader of the group she fully believes that she is doing the right thing.
Harry (male): Calm, seemingly irreverent and confident, he is secretly manipulative and cowardly. He orchestrates a lot of the actions detailed in the show but refuses to take responsibility for any of their negative consequences.
Horatio (male): Named after Hamlet’s close friend and ally, Horatio is by far the most likeable character. Self-appointed sidekick to Macbeth, he goes along with the plan despite seemingly having none of the commitment to revolution and rebellion that the rest of the group do.
Jack (male): Harry’s friend and confidant, brought along as the most experienced criminal of the group. He is surprisingly jovial and a calming presence.
Charlotte (female): The voice of reason and sense, as well as the audience surrogate. A tour guide for the manor house, bribed into providing inside information.
The Duchess (female): The minor royal who is murdered in the play. Innocent and perceived as being stupid by the general public she has grown up entirely sheltered from the world around her.


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