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Oct 29 2021 | By More

Core production team wanted

A new Edinburgh community theatre group is looking to recruit core production team members to help it build towards an al-fresco production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in June 2023.

The West Edinburgh-based company is looking for a producer, a treasurer and a head of marketing to join the existing three-strong team, consisting of Helen Schofield and her son Nathaniel who will direct, with husband John as musical director.

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All three have experience with drama projects in the Borders, taking on various roles with amateur theatre groups in Duns. Nathaniel has also been involved with Edinburgh University and Edinburgh G&S societies.

Helen Schofield told Æ: “We are based in West Edinburgh but were are seeking people from across Edinburgh who might be interested and willing to travel to West Edinburgh”.

She says they have found an ideal venue for the production and are now working towards getting the necessary permission to be able to perform there.

“We want to use music and the venue itself to create the magic and fun of the play,” she said, adding “We are working on a clearer vision now and need the team around us to finalise that.

“We want to use local people where we can to support the production in a variety of ways but we also want the calibre to be high and we are prepared to put some effort into making that happen.”


The producer will work closely with the directors and ensure the production remains on schedule and on budget.
Responsible for:
Creating schedules and oversight of progress;
Co-ordinating with third parties (council, local groups, schools, etc.);
Booking rehearsal space and ensuring invoices are raised;
Sourcing and hire of props, costumes, sound and staging;
Health and safety assessments;
Licensing, insurance and legal requirements;
Ensuring fundraising occurs and work with the treasurer on grant applications.
This role may be shared or assistant producers appointed.

Responsible for:
Establishing the correct financial structure for the production;
Managing the fundraising, banking and financial governance of the production Working with the producer to create a detailed budget and ensure cashflow Payment of invoices and petty cash;
Production of accounts.
The holder of this post will have a financial or accountancy background.

Head of Marketing
Responsible for:
Promotion and publicity through print, broadcast and social media;
Production of promotional materials;
Managing ticket sales and working with the treasurer to oversee money collection.

For more details on these roles please contact: or


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