Molly Whuppie

Aug 18 2016 | By More

✭✭✭✭✩ Energetic

Assembly Roxy (Venue 139): Thurs 4 – Sun 28 Aug 2016
Junior review by Cora Dibdin

This was a very funny and energetic show about a girl called Molly Whuppie who went to ask King Boris for some food.

Boris said she could have some food if she stole the three precious things from the giant that lives in the forest, Ninian the Terrible (he isn’t that terrible).

Amy McGregor as Molly Whuppie. Photo Duncan McGlynn

Amy McGregor as Molly Whuppie. Photo Duncan McGlynn

I liked the story because it is very adventurous. The characters were well played. Molly is a girl but she is played by a young adult (Amy McGregor). Her sister Ella talks about Molly and she is just like Ella describes her.

The same person (Virginia Radcliffe) plays the giant, the King and Molly’s mother and sister and you might be able to know what character it is but the costumes help you.

I thought there was a good set on stage that made you want to know what is going on. They used the set well, doing flips and energetic moves. The scenery went from the sea, where Molly Whuppie lived, to the forest on the mountain.

There were two women who played all the music and all of the sound effects, like the sea and the Bridge of the One Hair wobbling. One played the harp and the other played the fiddle. There were nice sound effects. The noise of the sea was calm.

Molly Whuppie is very suitable for three to ten year olds but older people might like it too.

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes (no interval)
Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU (Venue 139)
Thursday 4 – Sunday 28 August 2016
Daily (not 10, 17, 24) 10:30am
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