Never None (but She)

Aug 25 2019 | By More

★★★☆☆    Modern tale

theSpace Triplex (Venue 38): Fri 2 – Sat 24 Aug 2019
Review by Federica Balbi

Never None (but She) is a story of magic and female power from Asterglow Theatre at theSpace Triplex that reminds of Ovid’s Metamorphosis as well as folk tales.

Once upon a time the stars in the sky went out and the tailor Lila watched them all disappear. In the small village, the mayor and his wife took magic powers to prevent the stars from disappearing, so they said, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect.

The cast of Never None (but She). Pic: Andrew Perry.

Now there is no trust between neighbours and friends. Women, especially, are the victims of suspicion and muttering, in this extremely patriarchal society.

Pan (Isadora Baccon) looks for some comfort at Lila’s (Anna Kiakowski) after leaving her husband. She has the power of plants and doesn’t want to renounce to it, nor will she bow down to her patronising husband, despite criticisms from the other villagers. Tansy (Olivia Hemmati) soon joins them, hiding in her hands the power of fire…

As the situation escalates the witches need to protect themselves and take crucial decisions. Ellie Forrest and Leonie Findlay play the remaining roles, as well as preparing the stage between scenes and humming a refrain that becomes the soundtrack of the play.

imaginative quality

The set and staging is beautiful but, despite being built to be versatile, the set actually becomes too intricate to move between scenes. And while some light and fire effects are well created with small lights, they don’t always create the right illusion.

This doesn’t write the whole play off, however. Beautifully written by Dyan Rizzo-Busack, who also directs, Never None (but She) has a rhythm to it and interesting dialogue. Leonie Findlay’s acting is the most convincing and nuanced, even though she has minor roles.

Asterglow Theatre is a young company that reunites female and non-binary individuals. They aim to use the tools of theatre and storytelling to treat topics that are relevant to today’s society, such as gender roles and the necessity for action and change.

This sweet tale is remarkable for its imaginative quality and the way power dynamics are portrayed.

Running time: 50 minutes (no interval)
theSpace Triplex, The Prince Phillip Building, EH8 9DP (Venue 38)
Friday 2 – Saturday 24 August 2019
Daily (not Sun 11 – Sun 18): 11.05 am
Tickets and details:
Company website:
Facebook: @asterglowtheatre
Twitter: @AsterglowTC

A scene from Never None (but She). Pic: Andrew Perry.


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