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Mar 16 2012 | By More

Edinburgh and Lothians branch establishes online base

By Thom Dibdin

A new website been set up by the the Edinburgh and Lothians District branch of the Scottish Community Drama Association to promote its services and advertise productions being staged by its members.

The site has grown out of the “dramatic news” emails sent out by secretary Susan Wales, who is a member of both the Mercators and the Grads.

Susan Wales told the Annals: “we set up the website to act as a hub for SCDA clubs in Edinburgh and Lothians, to help publicise SCDA clubs’ shows, appeal for props, set, costumes and so on, and notify actors of casting opportunities. We also hope it will also encourage new members.”

The website is also being used to promote the branch’s growing script library which has over 20,000 different scripts available to SCDA members. These range from full sets of individual well known plays, to one-off scripts written for individual amateur companies.

Wales added: “The library is a fabulous resource and is available to SCDA members all over Scotland. The librarian runs a postal service. We also have groups like U3A (Perth, Edinburgh and East Lothian) and St Brides as Friends of the library. We have sets of some titles but just singles of others.

“We receive complimentary copies of new scripts from all main publishers and these are added to the online list right away. They are primarily used for clubs to peruse prior to choosing a play but, if we have enough, they can also be hired for the production at £2 per copy for as long as required for the production. For other scripts SCDA has a discount scheme established with all the main publishers.”

The SCDA Edinburgh and Lothians Dicstrict branch website is at:

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  1. Susan Wales says:

    This is Wales here – thank you very much Dibdin 🙂

    Seriously, thanks a lot.