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Eusog seeks non-student actors for March production

Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group has put out an open call to audition for its March 2018 production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Savoy Opera, The Sorcerer.

The company will be holding auditions in the Pleasance Courtyard from Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 January 2018, with callbacks the following day, Sunday 21. The production will run at the Pleasance Theatre, Tuesday 27 to Saturday 31 March 2018.

The Sorcerer tells of a small English town turned on its head by a love potion. Alexis and Aline are getting married and they decide to spread the happiness they feel to the rest of their friends and family.

The young couple’s solution? Hire a sorcerer to administer a love potion to all the townspeople. Unsurprisingly, the doesn’t go according to plan, everyone falls in love with the wrong person and complete chaos ensues.

Director Nathaniel Forsyth is updating the show to the 1960s. Alexis and Aline have fully embraced the summer of love and all the tie-dye flower power that comes with it. While staying true to the original story a few parts are updated to make it coherent for a contemporary audience.

Producer Theresa Cripps says: “Although EUSOG is primarily a student society with a large student membership, it is not exclusively so. Many of our past shows have had significant non-student involvement and we therefore encourage both students and non-students alike to sign up for auditions!”


Musical direction will be by Ross Hadden with Choreography by Anna Phillips. The company is looking for a total cast of 25 with eight principal characters.

Auditionees will be assigned a 10 minute slot during which they will sing an unaccompanied song to assess vocal range and perform a monologue. There will also be a 45 minute group audition workshop.

Rehearsals will takes place every Monday, Thursday and Sunday evenings from 5.45-10pm, starting January 25. All successful auditionees will be expected to join Eusog, this is £20 for students and £40 non-students.

Anyone wishing to sign up for auditions should email Theresa Cripps on: A full audition pack and sign-up form are available on the company website.

Character outlines

Alexis Pointdextre (Tenor): A young idealist, Alexis wishes to spread his ideals of love above all to the whole world, regardless of how interested they are in hearing him. He is strong willed and charismatic, but stubborn and short sighted at times. Playing age: Mid-Twenties

Aline Sangazure (Soprano) Aline is a hippy princess, but she does not share Alexis’ ideals. She is willing to go along with what makes him happy but worries that he goes too far. Playing age: Mid-Twenties

John Wellington Wells (Baritone): John Wellington Wells is the titular sorcerer. In our version, he is a Beatles or Bob Dylan style rock star, here to spread peace and love to the people of Ploverleigh and look cool doing it. Playing age: Late Twenties to mid-Thirties

Constance (Soprano): Constance is a teenager, confused about her feelings and rebellious towards authority. Despite this, she loves Dr Daly, and despairs that she might never be with him. Playing age: Late Teens.

Dr Daly (Baritone): The local vicar, Dr Daly was much sought after in his youth by women, he’s now the responsible vicar, although he still sometimes misses the old days. He is well meaning however also quite oblivious. Playing age: Mid Forties.

Marmaduke Pointdextre (Bass): Pompous, proud and proper to a fault, the local mayor means well but doesn’t know how to handle his Son’s new ways of talking and dressing. Playing age: 60-70.

Lady Sangazure (Alto): The mother of Aline, and a woman of noble lineage. Lady Sangazure loves Marmaduke, but like him is too reserved to show it. Playing age: 60-70.

Mrs Partlet (Alto): The local cleaner, and mother of Constance, Mrs Partlet doesn’t worry about her low lot in life but she worries for her daughter, and wants the best for her, despite her protestations to her fussing. Playing age: Mid 40s.

Listings & links

The Sorcerer Auditions
The Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance EH8 9TJ.
Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 January 2018.
Various times. Details and application form from
Facebook event page:

The Sorcerer
Pleasance Theatre, Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance EH8 9TJ.
Tuesday 27 – Saturday 31 March 2018
Evenings: 7.30pm, matinee Sat: 2.30pm (times tbc).

Eusog website:
Facebook: @eusavoy
Twitter: @EUSOG.


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