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Mar 17 2023 | By More

Portobello Central need £25K to open venue

The running of Portobello’s Town Hall is set to be taken over by local charity Portobello Central from April 1, after the council accepted their proposal to take it into community management on a 25-year lease.

Although the council have invested £350,000 from the Scottish Government Place Based Investment Fund for essential repairs and refurbishment, now the work is finished, Portobello Central has started a Crowdfunder appeal to raise the £25,000 still needed to reopen the doors.

Portobello Town Hall. Pic: Portobello Central

Built in 1914, the venue has a capacity of 600 with a balcony, dressing rooms and a decent sized stage. It also has a good-sized meeting room upstairs It was closed in 2019 following an internal fall of plaster.

Although it is not currently used as a theatre, PTH still has potential for various theatrical uses, whether more immersive stagings or as a rehearsal space for theatre and dance.

According to Portobello Central’s business plan: “Opening depends on PTH being in a state where it can open safely, on having funding for at least 6 months (ideally 12) of a Manager and having that person in post. We will not open until these requirements are met.”

Regarding the use of the Crowdfunder money, the charity says: “The Town Hall work, which has been continuous for three years, was done mainly by the Trustees, past and present but as we move towards the formal step of taking a lease, taking on energy bills, waste management, fire safety licences and much more, we have to employ professionals.

responsible for all costs

“Right now a chartered surveyor is reporting on the condition of the building, as a matter of record. Our lawyers are in direct negotiation with those of the Council. We have to pay fees for the Land Registry. Some, but not all, of these costs are covered by grant.

“After all that is done, we will be tenants on a 25 year lease, paying £1 a year and responsible for all costs, of whatever kind.”

They add:”Whatever we raise in the Crowdfunder will allow us to have a lift-off fund and a cash flow cushion.”

With a fortnight left to run, just over £11,000 has already been raised of the Crowdfunder and Portobello Central is looking for more donations to help get this important local venue reopened.


You can donate to the Portobello Central Crowdfunder here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/portobello-town-hall-crowdfunder

Further details of the whole project are on the Portobello Centre website: https://www.portobellocentral.org


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