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May 19 2010 | By More
Siege Perilous return to GRV with Elvis act

Elvis has entered the building - photo by Gary Daniell

By Thom Dibdin

Siege Perilous returns to the GRV next week with Caroline Dunford’s new play Suspicious Minds, the first in a new programme of five small-scale theatre productions from the company.

The new programme has been made possible by a grant in-kind worth £3000 from Edinburgh-based photographer Gary Daniell. As a first-time sponsor of an arts organisation, this has leveraged a further £3000 grant from Arts & Business, according to Siege Perilous Artistic Director Andy Corelli.

“Thanks to Gary’s matched funding we have agreed to stage five shows at the GRV over the course of the year,” Corelli told the Annals. “Suspicious Minds is the first and we have lined up another show for late June, early July, which will be a new play by Simon Jackson.

“The really exciting thing is that there are so many writers who have sent plays to us that we want to do,” he continued. “We’ll take a break from the GRV for the Fringe and return from September. During the Fringe we will be reworking our production of King Arthur, which did last year, at Craigcrook Castle near Blackhall, with Richard Demarco.”

Suspicious Minds unravels the tangled personalities of four close friends, revealing a mystery involving sex, drugs, rock n roll – and the death of a lifelong Elvis fan. Combining comedy, pathos and tragedy it reminds us that who we are as adults is shaped by who we were as children.

The award from Arts & Business has been made under its New Arts Sponsorship grants. Funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by Arts & Business, it aims to build private sector sponsorship of the arts. The Grants provide matched-funding for new arts sponsors, doubling their sponsorship benefits.

Suspicious Minds plays May 25-May 29 at the GRV, 37 Guthrie Street, 8pm. Tickets £6 can be reserved by calling 0131 554 3005 or purchased online at:

Gary Daniell Photography

Siege Perilous website


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