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Sep 13 2018 | By More

Open auditions for absurdist classic

Theatre Paradok has issued an open call for its amateur production of Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco, to be staged at the Assembly Roxy this December, 2018.

The Edinburgh University company is looking for auditionees from outside the university and will welcome all-comers to its auditions on the evenings of Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 September.

Publicity image by Michael Black

Publicity image by Michael Black

Rhinoceros is an absurdist play about a town where slowly everyone turns into rhinoceroses. Ionesco wrote it in the late 50s as a metaphor for the rise of fascism, but it works to represent the rise of inhumane ideology in any time or place.

The play was recently seen at the Lyceum in a new translation by Zinnie Harris. Paradok will be using the Derek Prouse translation but aiming to bring the play into a modern setting.

Director Katrina Woolley told Æ: “Theatre Paradok’s 2018 production aims to bring the play into a more modern context. We will explore how ideology takes over in our current political climate – ideas of fake news, of Facebook bubbles and the spreading of hatred at the click of a button.”

Woolley is the founder of Big-Mind Theatre who directed their 2017 production, Mind-Full: A Verbatim Piece On Student Mental Health. Woolley was also programming manager of Bedlam Fringe 2018 and has directed Pines and Something Rich and Strange with the EUTC.

She added: “We welcome auditions from anyone of any experience level. There are a huge variety of characters in Rhinoceros so there’s something for everyone. We are looking forward to seeing how you approach what is a very clever and absurdist text!”

Listings and links

Rhinoceros Auditions:
50 George Square, EH8 9JU (Mon room G.01; Tue room 3.03).
Monday 17-Tuesday 18 September 2018.
Drop in: 4pm-7pm.
Callbacks will be on Wednesday 19th.

Auditions Facebook Event: www.facebook.com/events/2180697938808357/

Download Link for the three monologue options (for info, not learning): Click here.

Assembly Roxy , 2 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU
Wednesday 5 – Saturday 8 December 2018.

The Prouse translation is available on Amazon:

Character Outlines:

Berenger – A bit of a mess, he’s always late and drinks a lot, throughout the play he’s forced to go from apathetic to gaining moral strength and a sense of responsibility
Daisy – Works in the office with Berenger, they are romantically involved. She is strong-willed and resists the call of the Rhinoceroses until the last minute
Jean – Berenger’s best friend who is contrastingly very put together and is disparaging of Berenger
Logician – A philosophy PhD and bit of a stoner, people turn to her for expertise during the first Rhinoceros attacks
Student – Friend of the logician who teaches her about syllogisms
Papillion – Berenger’s boss who cares more about work getting done than her employees
Dudard – Works in the office with Berenger, takes pride in their intellect and won’t get emotional about the Rhinoceroses
Botard – Also works in the office, is stubborn and refuses to believe in the Rhinoceroses
The Housewife – A middle class Mum who is devastated when a Rhinoceros runs over her cat
Grocers – Two owners of the corner shop who constantly bicker
Waitress – Kind and caring but treated poorly by the Proprietor
Proprietor – Owner of the local pub
Mrs Boeuf – Her husband turns into a rhinoceros but she refuses to abandon him


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