Scrapyard Callout

Sep 21 2014 | By More

Theatre artists of all disciplines sought

Scrapyard, the innovative project which helps theatre-makers make risk-taking theatre, is looking for participants in its next event, Scrapyard Manifesto, at the Assembly Roxy.

Illustration by Lubin

Illustration by Lubin

The Scrapyard Manifesto project, described as “a three day political theatre adventure”, will take place at the Roxy from Thursday 9 to Saturday 11 October 2014.

Scrapyard is designed to allow theatre artists of all disciplines – from dancers, designers, and directors to playwrights, performers and puppeteers – to come together to explore new ways of making theatre without being restricted by the necessity to make a finished piece of work.

“We aim to set up an environment where people are encouraged to collaborate and take risks,” according to the organisers. “Artists are split into teams, given a theme and challenged to make an innovative and unique piece of theatre.

“Following successful projects with the Traverse Theatre, Luminate and manipulate, we are inviting people to come together once again. This time to make political theatre, whatever that means to you…”

freedom to play and experiment

Scrapyard Manifesto will take over the Assembly Roxy in its entirety, for three days. The idea is to give participants the freedom to play and experiment to create short pieces of theatre to challenge, provoke and stimulate debate. A public performance of the work created will take place in the Roxy on Saturday 11 October at 8pm.

As an unfunded and artist-led project, this is an unpaid event supported by the Roxy. No one involved in the project is paid but the organisers say they work to make Scrapyard a valuable and unique professional development opportunity for participating artists.

To take part in Scrapyard Manifesto, theatre artists should send a copy of their CV with a cover letter detailing why they would like to take part in the event to The deadline for applications is Friday 26 September 2014.

All participants must be free on the 9, 10 and 11 October. More information can be found at

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