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Nov 20 2014 | By More

Theatre Uncut goes to Space

Edinburgh-based creatives are joining together to host a multidisciplinary art event at Castle Terrace’s Space Club today, Thursday 20 November, 2 – 8pm.

Theatre Uncut commissions a collection of short plays based on a particular political theme or quote and releases them for rights-free performance over a limited time. The Space Club event draws its inspiration from the theme for 2014 of ‘Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is Change.’

Space Club Theatre Uncut LogoA variety of artwork, performances and poems are being produced, which will feature alongside performances of some of this year’s Theatre Uncut plays. Three plays are from the Knowledge project – Reset Everything, Pachamana and Finger of God.

Four further plays are from Theatre Uncut’s recent collaboration with Tiyatro DOT in Istanbul: Smoke (and Mirrors), Apollo 8844, A Lesson in Lynching, and Police State. These texts explore the current state of democracy in Turkey, looking in particular at the Gezi Park protests and inviting the audience to engage and interact with the themes involved.

Artistic Coordinator Melanie Phillips says: “Space Club: Theatre Uncut is inspired by the ethos behind Theatre Uncut, and aims to get people talking, debating and acting within their political communities. The event features original artworks, installations, texts and performances all created in response to the statement ‘Knowledge is power, knowledge is change’ as well as seven texts produced by the Theatre Uncut organisation itself.”


2pm–4pm Artistic exhibitions
4pm–5pm Refreshments
5.05pm – Performance
5.10pm – Reset Everything
By Inua Ellams, directed by Jaimie Wolbers.
An explosive farce, commissioned as part of A Play, a Pie and a Pint at Oran Mor, Reset Everything delves into issues including the Bedroom Tax, broken relationships and spiritual healing.
5.25pm – Smoke (and Mirrors)
By Stef Smith, directed by Sibylla Archdale Kalid.
A Roma woman, a teacher and a head-scarfed Muslim are interviewed by a disembodied voice about their experiences of the Gezi Park protests. However, the three women’s heartfelt meditations may not be as honest as they seem.
5.40pm – Performance
6pm – Apollo 8844
By Derem Ciray, directed by Rosie Tricks.
sharp and frightening piece that details a secret interview between a man who has leaked news information under a government that censors the internet. It is a sensitive portrayal of the reasons behind his actions and the perceptions of propaganda.
6.15pm – Pachamama
By Clara Brennan, directed by Shreya Chatterjee.
Pachamama is an Inca goddess, who symbolises Mother Earth. This original play by Clara Brennan is a bare exposure of the cracked, multilayered, wondrous surface; of all the stuff which makes the absurdity of life, the lives of Mum, Dad, Laurence and Despard. From work, achievement, living and insanity, it’s a visceral revelation of who and what we are.
6.30pm – A Lesson in Lynching
By Ayfer Tunc, directed by Selin Senkoken.
In a classroom in Istanbul, the professor asks three students to assume the roles of lawyer, prosecutor and accused for a case that has recently happened in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. The case is about national rowers coming to Ankara for an international competition and the local people lynching them because they were offended by their tight shorts which ‘disturbed the peace in the community’.
6.45pm – Performance
7 : 05pm – Police State
By Davey Anderson, and directed by Vlada Nebo.
Two young girls find themselves unable to escape the controversy of Gezi Park Protests in Turkey, even in the security of their own home.
7.25pm – Finger of God
By Anders Lustgarten directed by Kate Brown and Lucy Evans.
cynical look at a time when the lottery is failing to drag in any interest. To combat this, a marketing director creates a lottery where the prizes can also be punishments. Human nature takes over and the idea quickly spirals out of control.

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