Stockbridge P3 review the BFG part 2

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Following Stockbridge Primary’s school visit to the Lyceum to see the BFG, the six- and seven-year-old children of class P3 wrote reviews of the show.

The Bad Giants cavort and dance. Photo Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

The Bad Giants cavort and dance. Photo Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Some of the children drew pictures too. Here is the second batch of reviews starting with Grace and continuing to Millie. The first nine reviews – from Alfie to Freddie – are on the previous page and the final nine – from Nicholas to Zac – are on the next page.

This is a story of the BFG which stands for Big Friendly Giant. Once upon a time there was a little girl called Sophie and she lived in an orphanage. She had no mum or dad. She was banned from getting out of bed in the night. She was stolen by the BFG at witching night because if someone looks at him he would take her away into his grotto. Sophie thought that he would eat her but she was very lucky bcause he was a friendly giant. All the other giants eat children.

I liked the BFG because he’s ugly but warm hearted. I didn’t like the monsters because I didn’t like the witching hour when they ate children. The bubbles worked well because the giant blew a pipe and the bubbles came down from the ceiling.

✭✭✭✭✭ A fantastic sensational show
The story of the BFG is about a little girl called Sophie. It was silent. Someone at school told Sophie about the witching hour when all the dark giants come out and have the world to themselves. I enjoyed the bit where the army and the air force caught the giants because they saved the world. The best character was the BFG because he was funny. The BFG spoke using made-up words.

Whizzpopping spectacular fun show
Sophie and the BFG went up into the air to the Queen’s palace. I liked when the other giants went into the cage because it was funny when they were shouting. It was loud and they were saying funny things. I didn’t like the people who were in the palace because they didn’t have proper clothes. The puppets worked because they were funny and because they were fast at moving. When the BFG was a large puppet it didn’t work because he was too big.

Jaime's picture of the BFG blowing dreams...

Jaime’s picture of the BFG blowing dreams…

✭✭✭✭✩ A whizzpopping fabulous show!
At the show they had a party and they acted out loud the BFG! The characters are: Sophie, the Queen of England, the Queen of Sweden and the nine giants. And definitely the BFG and his job was to collect dreams. At midnight it was the witching hour and that’s when the nine giants eat tea!!!! I loved the farting and the whizzpopping and the dream bubbles! I liked the BFG because he could catch the bubbles. The book wasn’t as good as the show.

✭✭✭✭✭ Wonderful fun
Sophie had heard about something called the witching hour. I liked the part when the giants came out at the witching hour because the music made it scary. I didn’t like Sophie because she was a puppet. The giants didn’t work because they were normal sized and the people were puppets.

✭✭✭✭✭ A sensational fun show
The BFG snatched Sophie out of her bed. Sophie was carried. I liked it when the teachers danced because they looked funny. I liked the BFG because he was friendly. I didn’t like the giants because they were rude. What worked well was when they changed the scenes. What didn’t work well was that the bubbles didn’t explode.

The BFG by Mackenzie

The BFG by Mackenzie

✭✭✭✭✭ A whizzbanging mind-blowing marvellous show
The BFG is about Sophie finding a giant and going on an adventure to try and capture the child eating giants. I liked the dream blowing because there were funny dreams. I liked the BFG because he was kind and funny. I liked Sophie because she is smart. I didn’t like the Bonecrusher because he was scary. I would give this show ***** because the actors spoke loud and clear. It was an adventure. It was so good it’s hard to explain.

✭✭✭✭✭ It was a whizzpopping show
It was all about a girl called Sophie who was snatched by a giant. I liked the bubbles because it was calming. I didn’t like the puppets because it was strange.

✭✭✭✭½ A fantastic awesome amazing show!
I thought that it was better than the book because you could see it. Some characters which I did not like were the giants because they eat children. Sophie is an orphan and one night in her dormitory everyone was asleep but Sophie. So Sophie got out of bed and looked out the window. On the other side of the street Sophie saw a black figure. The BFG blew something in the window. He took Sophie to his cave. He had lots of jars. At the witching hour they flew to London to save the day. I liked the bubbles because they looked pretty.


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The BFG (running time: 1 hour 40 minutes including interval)
Royal Lyceum Theatre, 30b Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AX
Friday 28 November – Saturday 3 January 2015
Wed-Sat 7pm; Sat: 2.00pm.
Full details and tickets on the Lyceum website:

The 27 reviews written by the P3 pupils are arranged alphabetically over three pages:
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From Grace to Millie: P3’s BFG reviews part two;
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